Planning ahead makes sense. Whether you’re going to get married, go on your dream vacation, or buy a house, you’ll likely do a whole lot of planning to make sure everything goes okay. So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that it’s also a good idea to plan or preplan your funeral service or cremation service with a funeral home serving Prince Albert, SK families. While this makes sense, many people leave it to their families to plan on their behalf after they’re gone. When you ponder these 3 reasons to preplan, you’ll come to see that it really does make sense to take on this task yourself rather than to leave it to someone else.

1. Spare Your Family

If you pass away without having preplanned your final services, your family will have to do it on your behalf. This is the way it’s done by many families, but there really is a better way. Instead of requiring your loved ones to take on the task of planning at a time when they’ll be in mourning and in shock, why not take a bit of time out of your busy schedule to preplan? All you’ll need to do is find a reputable funeral home, and they will help you preplan. It will be easier than you think. And when the time of your passing does arrive, your family will be able to focus on adjusting to the new normal and comforting each other rather than on planning a funeral service.

2. Avoid Emotional Spending

Another reason you shouldn’t leave the task of planning your final services to loved ones is that they might succumb to emotional spending. People who are grieving don’t always make the most prudent of financial decisions. They might be driven more by emotion than by fiscal responsibility. You can prevent this by preplanning things on your own. It will be even better if you prepay or at least leave behind funds to cover the cost of your body disposition.

3. Do Things Your Way

Are you the sort of person who likes to have a hand in how things are carried out? If so, then it follows that you’ll appreciate having a hand in preplanning your final services. You can choose the body disposition method, select who will serve as pallbearers, determine where your body will be buried or where your ashes will be scattered, choose who will sing songs and recite poems, and even name those you want to read the eulogy and deliver the sermonette.

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