More and more people are choosing to plan cremations rather than funerals after family members pass away. It’s becoming increasingly common, moreover, for families to hold a celebration of life service following cremation services in Saskatoon, SK. A celebration of life event is, as the name suggests, all about celebrating the life of the deceased. It’s about focusing on their accomplishments, successes, relationships, and much more.

One way to personalize a celebration of life event is to incorporate musical items. It’s not the only way to do so, of course, but it is an easy way to make the event more memorable. Consider the following 3 reasons why music is a great idea at such an event.

1. Honor Your Loved One

One of the benefits of playing music at the celebration of life service is that it’s a great way to honor your deceased relative. Did they have a favorite band? Did they have a favorite genre? Was there an artist that they especially appreciated? Did they have a favorite song that could very well serve as a theme song of their life? When you and your other loved ones plan the celebration of life service, you can include some songs that the deceased would have loved. If you’re unsure what songs to play, take a look at the playlist on their smartphone or computer.

2. It’s Good for You

It’s been scientifically proven that music is good for your health. When you hear music that you like, your body releases a neurochemical called dopamine. It is connected to feelings of pleasure. So if you play the music that resonates with people at the celebration of life service, you can imagine that it will benefit all the attendees. Whether you play music, have a sing-a-long, or hire a band to play, the music will make for a more pleasant environment. That would be fitting at an event where the people are still grieving the loss of someone they love.

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3. Bring People Together

Some things in life bring people together, and one of them is music. Sit down with your family and figure out what songs will be the most appropriate. Maybe there are some songs that your family and friends relate to in a powerful way. At a time when you’re all grieving, you can use music to bring everyone together and onto the same page.

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