Do you wish to bury the cremated remains of a loved one who has passed away? A reputable North Battleford, SK cremation services provider will help you plan the body disposition. They’ll also offer you recommendations — should you want them — on options for the ashes. If you’ve decided that you’d like to bury the ashes of your deceased loved one, you’ll still want to consider how you want to go about doing this since there are various paths to take.

What follows is a look at how you can bury the cremains after the funeral home performs the body disposition.

Cemetery Plot

Some funeral homes actually allow people to bury urns on existing cemetery plots – assuming that the family in question has a deceased loved one already buried in the plot in question. Urns are obviously quite small compared to caskets, so some cemeteries will allow families who already have loved ones buried on their grounds to add urns to those same plots. Even if you’re charged for such an option, it will usually be less than what it would cost to bury a casket. It’s important to note that not all cemeteries offer this sort of option, so you may need to ask around. You can ask the funeral home that helps you plan for recommendations on this front. They will usually be able to let you know which cemeteries will permit you to bury urns in existing plots.

Columbarium Niche

This option provides a way to “bury” an urn above ground. A columbarium niche is a structure where urns can be stored. The urns are actually placed on shelves that are called niches. People who go with this option place the urns of their deceased loved ones on niches, and they can also get a plaque or marker with the name of the deceased. Families can come and visit the columbarium whenever they want – the same way they could visit the grave of a loved one who has been buried. One benefit of going this route over burying a casket is that you can take the urn with you should you, for instance, want it on your property or if you’re moving to another area.

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Urn Garden

Some cemeteries offer urn gardens. These urn gardens are usually in an area separate from where caskets are buried. An urn garden is where you might wish to bury the urn containing your deceased relative’s ashes. The funeral director who assists you with planning will be able to help you find a cemetery that offers urn gardens — if you’d like to go with this option.

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