After your loved one’s funeral homes in North Battleford, SK. finding ways to honor their memory can help bring a little comfort into a very difficult time. From writing them a poem to creating a memorial wall in your home, there are a ton of ways to pay tribute to and cherish your loved one’s memory.

We have searched the internet and are listing our favorite thirty-five ways to honor your loved one. You can use this list and select just one tribute or choose several, or simply use it as inspiration to create an entirely new unique tribute.

  1. Host a butterfly release
  2. Create a special memory scrapbook
  3. Donate a bench to a local park in their name
  4. Commission a portrait
  5. Host a dinner party and serve all of their favorite dishes
  6. Write their biography (be as general or as detailed as you wish)
  7. Make a memory quilt using fabric from their old clothing
  8. Write them a song
  9. Have a star named after them
  10. Keep one of their favorite family traditions alive (or start a new one)
  11. Upcycle one of their old items (ex: their old bicycle could be turned into a planter garden feature)
  12. Create a playlist that includes all of their favorite songs and/or artists
  13. Create a memorial wall in your home
  14. Make a pillow from their old clothing
  15. Host a dove release
  16. Create a memory capsule
  17. Plan a 5k or other event for a charity they supported
  18. Create a video tribute and share it on social media
  19. Paint or draw them a picture
  20. Set a place for them at the family dinner table
  21. Create a memorial plaque to place in your garden with their name and a meaningful quote
  22. Plant a tree in your yard or a public park (make sure to get permission first)
  23. Create a memorial garden in your home or public space (with permission)
  24. Engrave their favorite recipe into a nice cutting board and hang it in your kitchen
  25. Complete an unfinished project they left behind
  26. Invite family over to a movie night and watch all of your loved one’s favorite movies
  27. Plan a family trip to their favorite vacation spot
  28. Write them a poem
  29. Create a stuffed animal out of their old clothing
  30. Create a recipe book of all their favorite dishes
  31. Get a tattoo in their honor
  32. Make a memory jar
  33. Start a book club and read all of their favorite books or books by their favorite author
  34. Create a memorial website
  35. Have their life made into a comic book

funeral homes North Battleford SK 300x180There you have it. We hope this helps provide you with lots of ideas as well as inspiration on how you can honor your loved one. If you would like more information on tributes or memorials as well as other services provided by funeral homes in North Battleford, SK, please call or come by and visit with us in person anytime as we are always here to help.