When making arrangements for your loved one with funeral homes in North Battleford, SK, one important decision you will need to make is selecting the casket. This casket will be the final resting place for your loved one and of course you want to choose one that you feel they would love. Luckily for families, there are a wide array of options to choose from such as traditional, military, and even biodegradable.

Another option that families may consider is selecting a luxury casket. These caskets are typically more expensive but come in premium materials as well as offer many ways to have it customized for your loved one. Keep reading as explore some of the most common types of luxury caskets.

1. Handmade Custom Casket

While these caskets may come in simple designs, these handmade solid wood caskets are superior in quality. Typically made by woodworkers, artisans, and other skilled individuals, your loved one will have a truly unique and one-of-a-kind casket. Although these can range in price, a good average to expect to pay would be around $4000. This price does not typically cover shipping which would be another expense to consider.

2. Solid Cherry Wood Casket

Cherry wood is a wonderful option as it makes for a casket with not only a beautiful grain and pattern, but also a rich deep red-hue color. These caskets are on the less expensive end of luxury caskets which makes them a very popular choice. They can also be found to offer customized options such as interior lining, and embroidery on the inside of the lid.

Even though this come in at a lower price point that other luxury material, you can still expect to pay anywhere from $3000-$8500 depending on the provider as well as options chosen.

3. Solid Mahogany Wood Casket

Another luxury casket is the solid mahogany option. These caskets have a deep color and are finished with a high gloss shine giving it a very clean and luxurious look and feel. These can also be customized with lining choices and embroidery work.

Mahogany wood caskets will be a little higher in range that cherry wood coming in anywhere from about $3000-$12,000.

4. Solid Bronze Casket

If a family would like to have another option of material other than wood, a bronze casket is a great choice.. Most of these bronze caskets are make with 32-ounce bronze. This simply means that for every foot of metal there are 32 ounces of bronze. Thus, the higher the bronze count, the more bronze and the higher the price.

Solid bronze caskets can be found from providers from $3500 up to $10,000. It’s important to note that some bronze caskets are just bronze finished rather than being made from solid bronze. Bronze-finished caskets are not considered luxury caskets.

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Final Thoughts

Today, families have a wide range of options when it comes to selecting their loved one’s casket. For some families, luxury caskets can be a perfect and fitting resting place for their loved one. If you would like to know more about these types of caskets available from funeral homes in North Battleford, SK, give us a call. Our funeral directors are available to talk with you anytime you need.