When you finally decide on funeral services in Osler, SK, you are going to have a lot on your mind. When meeting with the funeral director, you will most likely not be thinking of items you may need to take with you. While this may not be a complete list of everything the funeral home will request, here are five important items that can make your process a little smoother.

Recent Photograph

Providing a clear, recent photograph of your loved one to the funeral home serves as a great reference for the mortuary makeup artist to use when applying makeup to the deceased. These licensed cosmetologists are skilled at creating a natural look and referring to the photo you provide will help enhance their ability to create a look you are happy with.

Collection of Photos for Tribute

Using these photos you provide, the funeral home can create a picture board or video tribute of your loved one and their life. Selecting the perfect photos isn’t important. What is important is that they reflect your loved one’s life. Some photos you could choose are ones that show them on a favorite vacation or travel destination. Other photos to include may show their wedding, graduation, or other ceremonies. Photos that show them enjoying their hobbies or passions are also nice to add.

Social Security Number

You will want to make sure social security is notified of your loved one’s passing. In most cases, the funeral home can make this report for you but to do so will need the person’s social security number. Being able to have the funeral home take care of this is one less thing you must deal with.

Clothing for Burial

Something else you will need to provide is clothing for your loved one (including any under garments). What you bring is entirely up to you. It can be formal or casual, something they always wore, or something you just bought brand new. You can also bring any jewelry you would like them to be buried with as well as shoes for them to wear.

Life Insurance Policyfuneral services in Osler SK 199x300

If you loved one had a life insurance policy, take that with you to the funeral home. Many homes will accept the policy as payment. However, it is important to note that life insurance policies normally don’t pay immediately. It can take weeks or months before payment will be released. With most funeral homes needing funeral costs upfront, this can make it a little tricky. Talk with your funeral home to determine your best options.

After you decide on funeral services in Osler, SK, you will have so much on your mind. By taking these five important things with you to the funeral home, it will help the process run a little smoother. Let the experts at Martens Warman Funeral Home, LTD. help you with everything else. With their caring and professional staff on your side, you will be treated compassionately as they lead you through this difficult time. Call and talk to a funeral director one-on-one to discuss everything you need.