When talking to funeral homes in North Battleford SK, one thing you will discuss is flower arrangements. Flowers are a special element of a service and can be used in a variety of ways.

Flowers can be used to decorate the space adding color and life all around. They can be arranged in standing sprays, baskets, casket wreaths, and can even be handed out to guests as they enter the room.

The flowers you decide on could be selected for several different reasons. Some people like to use favorite flowers of their loved one that passed, while others may choose flowers solely based on their color or scent. Finally, some select the flowers they do based on the special meaning the flower may hold.

Throughout time, in stories, myths, and customs various cultures have given flowers special meanings While some of the original meanings have changed over the years, you will still find a meaning attached to almost any flower today. Knowing these meanings may help you decide which flowers you would like to use at the service.

Although many flowers have meanings that are appropriate for use at funeral services, there are some flowers that seem to stand the test of time and have become the more traditional choices.

These are some of the most common of those choices:

Lilies – This is by far the most common funeral flower. The white lily expresses that the soul has been cleaned and all that remains is a soul of purity, peace, and innocence. They are often used in standing sprays and arrangements.

Gladiola– Blooming in several colors including green, yellow, red, pink, white and orange, these flowers represent strength, pride, and integrity and are most used in fan sprays.

Orchids– Representing everlasting love, white or pink orchids are often seen at funerals and sent to loved ones for sympathy. These flowers do better potted by themselves rather than used in arrangements. A nice way to incorporate an orchid is to have a potted one next to the guest book or photo tribute.

Roses– Roses have as many meanings as they have colors. Red roses speak of love while, pink can express appreciation. White roses show purity and are normally used for weddings. For funerals, deep dark red roses express love and grief. Also, yellow roses are a good choice as they represent warmth and hope.

Carnations– These are often used in arrangements, and to create wreaths and sprays. Although they come in many colors, white and pink are the best choices. White carnations represent purity and innocence, while pink expresses thoughts of remembrance.

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After talking to funeral homes in North Battleford SK, deciding on flowers for the service will be something you need to decide. Remember that there is no certain flower you must use. While some types may be more common, this is your choice, and you pick what feels right to you. For all the other decisions you need help with, contact Martens Warman Funeral Home, LTD. and let their compassionate staff assist you.