Funeral Services


Your memories can live forever.

Choosing a final resting place is an important part of planning any funeral or disposition. For friends and family, having a permanent place to visit, remember and reflect upon the life of their loved one can assist in the grieving process and also help to create a lasting memorial for future generations.

Options for burial include:

• Monuments

• Indoor or Outdoor Columbarium

• Community Cemetery

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What to expect

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Traditionally, a burial service involves a visitation, followed by a funeral service in a place of worship. The casket is typically present at both these events, though it is your decision on whether it is open or not. You may choose to have the casket interred (earth burial) in a cemetery, or it may be entombed in a crypt inside a mausoleum (above ground burial).

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An option for cremated remains, or cremains, include columbariums. While cremated remains may be kept at home by families or scattered somewhere significant, a columbarium provides friends and family an indoor space to reflect, mourn and visit.

burial saskatoon sk funeral and cremations

Natural cemeteries, also known as eco-cemeteries, is a new style of cemetery set aside for natural burials. Natural burials are typically motivated by the desire to be environmentally conscious, and are usually done in a natural woodland area. Conventional markings such as headstones are generally replaced with a tree, bush or placement of a natural rock.

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