When arranging a funeral service with a funeral home serving North Battleford, SK, it can be easy to forget about including children. That would, however, be a mistake. While there may be some things that kids shouldn’t be asked to do, there are things that they can help out with. This is especially true if they had a personal connection with the deceased. They should not be forced to take part if they’re uncomfortable, but they should not be denied if they wish to participate. Here are a few of the ways that you can incorporate children into the funeral service.

Hand Out Programs

It’s a custom to prepare printed programs for funeral services. The program will have a picture of the deceased on the front as well as some biographical information. Usually, the eulogy, or a shorter version of it, will be included as well. And a list of the proceedings for the funeral service will also be included in the printed program. If you want a way to get children in the family involved, you can have them hand out the programs to people as they arrive. The kids can stand outside of the doors to the sanctuary – assuming the funeral service will be held in a church – and hand out the programs before people enter the sanctuary to find their seats.

Help Seat People

It’s always a good idea to arrive on time for a funeral service. But it’s usually the case that some people will, for one reason or another, arrive late. Because of this, it’s important to have people on hand to help find seats for people who arrive after the funeral service is underway. This will lead to fewer distractions. You can have some of the children help with seating people. When late-comers arrive, the children can walk down the aisles, find empty seats, and then direct the late-comers to the empty seats.


Another way that children can take part is by doing readings. This can involve reading scriptures, poems, or other things. Older children might feel more comfortable writing something that they can then share during the funeral service.

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Do you have children in the family who have a talent for singing or playing instruments? Ensure they have the opportunity to share their musical talents at the funeral service. They will feel more comfortable about honoring their deceased loved one in a public setting if they can do something they have a passion for.

Do you need to find a funeral home in North Battleford, SK to help you make funeral or cremation arrangements? We’re a professional death care services provider that is dedicated to helping people who wish to plan final services. We can also help with preplanning. If the goal is to plan a funeral service followed by a casket burial, you might want to learn about other ways you can get children involved during the funeral service. Our funeral director and other staff members will be more than pleased to offer further suggestions. Whether you have questions or want to begin planning, you can give us a call or stop by for a visit.