While burials will always be a common option among families, cremation services in Osler, SK. are quickly becoming just as common of a choice. Families and individuals may choose cremating for a variety of reasons but one very common one is that they wish their ashes to be released. Whether it is in a park, at sea or a lake, or another special place, releasing the ashes is a wonderful and natural way to return back to the earth.

Because of this, many families may choose to hold a casting ceremony where friends and family can gather and witness the releasing of their loved one’s remains. If you are considering hosting a casting ceremony keep reading as we cover some of the key things to take into account when planning this important event.

Selecting the Location

Casting ceremonies typically take place at the location where the ashes will be released. To determine where tis location might be, keep in mind special places your loved one enjoyed spending their time. Maybe they were always hiking and spending time camping at a local state park. Perhaps they were an avid fisherman and could always be found out on the lake.

Once you determine the space you would like to hold the location, check with local law enforcement to ensure it is legal to release the ashes there. While most stare parks and other public areas will allow it, there are very specific rules that will need to be followed as well as permits that may need to be acquired.

Decide the Order of the Ceremony

Once you know where the ceremony will be held, you will need to determine how it will be held. While some families choose to have an order of service almost identical to a memorial service with things like readings, eulogies given, music selections, reading of the obituary and more, other families may want to have a very organic free-flow ceremony. It could also be a combination of the two styles. The important thing here is to consider what type of mood and feel you are going for and creating a ceremony that reflects that.

Releasing the Ashes

The last big consideration for your casting ceremony is how your loved one’s ashes will be released. If you have an officiant running the ceremony, you may wish to have them cast all of the ashes at the end of the service. However, other options could be having several family members each casting a portion of the ashes or even allowing guests to participate.

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Final Thoughts

Casting ceremonies can be a wonderful way to say goodbye to your loved one. It can provide those who attend a chance to visually see the ashes being released back into nature. This can be very healing as it represents the deceased’s spirit being free which can help guests get closure and begin to heal. While cremation services in Osler, SK. are becoming a more popular option, casting ceremonies are still newer services and therefore have fewer social norms on how they are to be held allowing families to have a truly unique and customized ceremony for their loved one.