Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is a simple, economical funeral option.

The cremation takes place in the days immediately following your loved one’s passing, with or without a viewing or funeral service beforehand.

Reasons people choose cremation:

• Affordability

• Time Sensitivites

• Environmental

• Simplicity

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What to expect

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This option typically appeals to those who prefer simplicity. It also allows you to hold a memorial or celebration of life service at a later date if you wish, in order to accommodate travel schedules or to arrange a more personalized service, without time and cost-pressures.

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When a funeral service including traditional elements such as floral arrangements, music, eulogies and spiritual or religious observances is held before cremation, an open-casket viewing can still be held to allow family and friends a final goodbye.

meadow lake sk funeral home and cremations

When a funeral is held after cremation, the cremated remains (or ashes) are often present at the service in an urn, surrounded by treasured photos and momentos representative of the individual’s life and loves. You may then keep the cremated remains in an urn in your home, scatter them in a special place, rest the urn in a columbarium, or bury it in a cemetery. You might also choose to explore our fine selection of memorial pendants, lockets, charms, beads or hand-blown glass for cremation ashes and other treasured keepsakes.

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