You selected the perfect urn for your loved one’s remains, you have brought it home and now you are faced with your latest decision…where should the urn be displayed? While most people tend to display the urn in the living room, there is no set rule for where it should be placed. The location of the urn will be entirely up to you. To help you with this decision, providers of cremation services in North Battleford, SK. share these things to keep in mind when making this choice.

Obvious or Hidden?

One thing to consider is if you would like the urn to be easily visible by guests and family members or if you would prefer to have it a little more obscure and out of direct view. Some families may wish to have it displaced boldly so that it is a feature of the room. If this is your train of thought, then the living room is a wonderful option. This room is where most of the family spends time as well as any guests when they enter the home.

If you would like the urn to be a little more private, consider a bedroom or home office where most family members and guests don’t visit frequently. If you would like the urn to be entirely hidden, you could consider purchasing a floating shelf urn as these looks just like a regular floating shelf with the ashes hidden inside.

What Would You Love One Would Have Wanted?

Another factor you can take into consideration is where would your loved one would have wanted to stay? Were they a wonderful chef who spent all of their time in the kitchen? If so, consider displaying the urn in the kitchen or dining room. Maybe they loved to garden and spent all of their time outside. If that is the case, an outside urn that could be placed in the garden would be a beautiful and fitting option.

Be Careful About Placement

If you weren’t sure of the location when you purchased the urn, the urn material may not be the best option for the now chosen location. Here is an example: You found a beautiful wooden urn that you just loved for your dad who was a wonderful chef. Because of this, you decide to display the urn in the kitchen window. Unfortunately, the direct sunlight coming in as well as the humidity of the kitchen will cause damage to the wood over time.

Check with your urn or cremation provider if you have any questions at all about the material of the urn being suited for the chosen location.

Final Thoughts

cremation services in North Battleford SK 2 300x245While choosing the location of your loved one’s urn is important, don’t get too hung up on it as you can always change your mind. Wherever you decide to place it, just make sure it is always sitting securely and away from the reach of children and out of the way of any pets.

If you would like more information on urns or cremation services in North Battleford, SK, please feel free to reach out to us anytime as we are always happy to help.