Making Choices: Funeral and Cremation Options in Meadow Lake, SK

One of the most difficult experiences in life is losing someone you love in death. The emotions can be heavy, yet caring for their final needs must be addressed. Thankfully, some professionals can help you to carry the burden of your loss. You can call on a funeral and cremations provider in Meadow Lake, SK, to guide you through the difficult challenges you face.

Part of preparations include the need to choose between a burial and cremation service. The choice is entirely based on personal preference, with neither option better than the other. What is most important is that your needs and those of deceased loved one are met by the choice you make. If you need help deciding what is best, speak with a funeral and cremations firm in Meadow Lake, SK for guidance. As you evaluate the pros and cons of each method of laying your loved one to rest, here are several points to consider.

Benefits of Traditional Funeral Care

Many families appreciate the familiarity of traditional funeral services. It offers a viewing period, funeral gathering, and can include a committal at the side of the grave.

  • Visitation or Viewing: After death, the body of the fallen is taken and cared for. The body is prepared, cleaned, and dressed for a funeral and burial. The viewing is an experience for family and friends to gather one last time with the remains of their loved one. It provides the opportunity to say goodbye to them. Surrounded by others who also knew and loved this person, the viewing is a chance to visit and share the burden of grief. The experience helps the survivors to mentally come to terms with the reality of their loved one’s death in a supported environment.
  • Funeral Service: After the viewing, families and friends will formally gather together to commemorate the life of the person who has died. The ritual of honoring the dead has been done for time immemorial. Peoples of differing cultures, faiths, and backgrounds all do it differently, but the objective is still the same. A funeral service helps us to find meaning in life and to be remembered in death for the good a life brings to the world.
  • Ceremony at the Graveside: A committal service is usually a more intimate affair, reserved for family and close friends. There at the graveside, the closed casket and body of the deceased are laid to rest. A few final words may be spoken in farewell, and the casket lowered into the earth. Handfuls of earth may be thrown into the grave as a way to take part in the burial act.
  • Monuments: A headstone or grave marker is fixed in place at the head of the grave. This monument marks the place where family and friends can return to remember their loved one.


Benefits of Cremation Services

More and more, families and individuals are choosing cremation care as the means of dispositioning the body of the person who has died. This choice provides many benefits that a traditional funeral cannot.

  • Cost of Care: Cremations tend to be significantly less expensive to carry out than a traditional funeral burial. In practical terms, today’s families are interested in finding ways to keep the cost of after care to what they consider to be a reasonable minimum. Cremation fits that need very well, without sacrificing the quality of after care.
  • Environmental Considerations: For some, cremation is less harmful to the earth. Unless there is a public viewing or funeral held beforehand, cremation does not require embalming and preserving chemicals that can eventually leech into the soil. Cremation also does not require burying a casket in the ground.
  • Transportable: Our modern society is much more mobile than it has ever been. Families and individuals move from city to city for reasons such as work, family, climate, and preference. A loved one buried in a fixed grave plot remains in place, while the ashes of a cremated loved one can be taken where ever the family goes, if desired.
  • Memorial Commemoration: Funerals are generally held shortly after death, with the remains of the deceased present at the service. Memorials do not require a body to be present. This creates flexibility in schedule and planning. Families can hold a memorial at a more convenient time and place to remember the deceased.

Compassionate Funeral Home and Cremation Services in Meadow Lake, SK

How you choose to lay a loved one to rest is up to you. At Martens Warman Funeral Home, LTD., we understand the importance of getting this right for each family that we serve. It’s an honor to help families conduct funeral and cremations care in Meadow Lake, SK according to their needs. Contact our caring team for support today. We’re located at 402 Central St W Warman, SK S0K 4S0 Canada. You can reach us day or night at (306) 934-4888


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