Frequently Asked Questions on Funeral Home and Cremations in Prince Albert, SK

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Death and aftercare are not common conversations in our culture. Because of this, there is much about it that is not fully understood by the majority of people. The funeral home and cremations providers in Prince Albert, SK, are an excellent resource to turn to when questions arise.

Martens Warman Funeral Home, LTD. is a family-owned establishment, focused on serving the needs of the living while caring for the deceased. We understand the importance of getting answers to questions in the course of services. Your questions will be answered thoroughly and respectfully. In an effort to be a source of answers, here are several common questions about funerals and cremations in Prince Albert, SK, and our response to them:


We Lost a Loved One Today. What Do We Do Now?

Depending on how and where the death happened will determine the next steps to take. If they died at a care facility such as a hospital, assisted living facility, hospice care, etc. then contact the medical support staff right away. They will provide guidance and instruction.

If the death happened at home, call your local emergency services to notify authority. The authorities will send a coroner’s officer to your home to assist with the next steps. Their work will aid the medical examiner in a legal pronouncement of death.

Death that is expected and planned for through prearranged funeral services should be handled based on location. Also, the funeral home should be contacted right away to begin providing after care services. In many instances, their support helps streamline paperwork details.


Are We Legally Required to Embalm the Body?

No, it is not required by law. There may be special circumstances where governing authorities require it, but these are rare exceptions. Embalming is an elective option that is necessary only when the deceased will be presented to the public in a viewing or funeral service. If your family does not wish to embalm the remains of the person who has died, you can choose to bury or cremate as soon as possible after their death.



Is it Appropriate to Skip a Funeral or Memorial Service Altogether?

The decision to hold a tribute service in honor of the fallen is a personal decision. In recent years, an increasing number of families and individuals have chosen to forgo a funeral or memorial ceremony, or even a monument on behalf of their deceased loved one. While there is no requirement to hold services, the benefits can be highly beneficial to those who grieve, including:

  • A shared sense of loss; no one grieves alone
  • A socially acceptable place to share and express feelings of loss
  • Supportive interaction with community, family, and friends
  • Internal reflection, reevaluation of priorities and views about life and death
  • Confirms the finality of death, and that it has occurred


Which is Better: Cremation or Burial?

This depends on preference. Both cremation and burial are respectable means of dispositioning a loved one’s remains. Earth burial leads to natural decomposition. Cremation speeds the decomposition process along by using heat and flame to return the body to an elemental state. Whether you have strong feelings one way or the other, or if you have no particular view of the matter, rest assured there is no right or wrong answer. Choose what works best for your family and fallen loved one.


Is It Mandatory to Hire a Funeral Home for Cremations in Prince Albert, SK?

No, there is no law requiring you to hire a funeral home for aftercare services in any location. Families can choose to handle the care and burial of a loved one directly. All laws and governing regulations must be obeyed, but it is an entirely appropriate option to choose. Authorities must be notified when a death occurs. The remains must not be taken from the place of death until the authorities give the go-ahead. Legal paperwork and signoff must be completed. Note that transporting or cremating the fallen must be performed by a licensed professional.


Cost is a Concern for Me. What Are My Options?

If budget limitations are a concern, cremation services may be a good choice. Cremation care tends to be much lower in cost than a traditional funeral service. Simple or direct cremation is the least expensive of all, caring only for the deceased’s remains with no commemorative service or extras. The ashes are returned to the family in a basic urn. You can also look for support from eligible government entitlements. Certain insurance policies or charitable organizations may also have coverage for funeral care.


Caring for Those Who Grieve

Martens Warman Funeral Home, LTD. is a full-service funeral home and cremations provider in Prince Albert, SK. When a loved one passes on, you can count on us to help. Find us at 402 Central St W Warman, SK S0K 4S0 Canada. Call at any hour: (306) 934-4888.

More FAQs on Funeral & Cremation


Why cremation is better than a traditional burial?

  • More affordable cost, the timeline is much more manageable and flexible, and you can choose the specific final resting places. Learn more.


Can I purchase a monument in advance?

  • We encourage buying monument in advance not just to spare your family from the decision making but most importantly, you will have the monument of your choice. Learn more.


Where can you buy a cremation urn?

  • The most convenient answer is to buy from the service provider who will perform the cremation service. For other options click here.