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When a death occurs, the grief and heartache can be a heavy burden to bear. The life of every person is invaluable. Perhaps that’s why so many of us seek to hold vigil for those who are no longer with us. Planning a memorial for Saskatoon funeral service brings meaning and structure to an otherwise unexplainable event. With the support of a qualified funeral home and cremations provider for Saskatoon, SK, the experience, though sorrowful, can be worthy of the one you’ve lost. Planning is the first step to accomplishing this goal. Think on several key details as you begin:


At first glance, it may be unclear to you who will likely attend any commemorative service for the fallen. But you can bring greater clarity into focus by writing down a list of those who may come. Start by writing down the names of family and dear friends. You’ll likely have more names come to mind as you begin writing. Next, write down any names associated with extended social circles. You may consider workplace friends, social and hobby groups, or faith and civic community connections. Old networks should also be considered, such as high school and university classmates.

Once you’ve written down a list of potential attendees, you’ll have a better idea of headcount. This will help you with service planning. You’ll want to contact all family and close friends to let them know about the death. Give yourself some time to discuss it with each contact. They will likely want to talk. Be sure to call or visit these people in person.

Casual or more distant friends and connections can be notified online through social media and email. A public obituary notice is another great option, usually handled through a funeral home and cremation care provider for Saskatoon, SK. The details of any tribute service should be shared, including date and time. If that isn’t yet confirmed, you can tell people where that information will be made available, so that you don’t need to call again.



There are two primary choices: cremation and earth burial. Both of these choices are appropriate solutions to disposition a loved one’s remains. Neither option is better than the other, as they both serve a need for those who survive.

Funeral services with a casket burial can be a beautiful tradition with rich meaning for many families who grieve. The body of their loved one is respectfully cared for by the attending funeral home. Prepared, cleaned, and groomed, the body is laid in the casket and presented to the family for a final farewell before burial.

Cremations services forgo the need for embalming preparations, caskets, and grave plots. Even the purchase of a monument can be avoided, if desired. These options make them considerably

less expensive than a traditional funeral. The ashes can be inurned and laid to rest on the mantle at home, but they can also be placed in a columbarium niche, or scattered in a place of serenity or meaning. Keepsake jewelry is another option that many families appreciate, using the ashes as fabrication material so that they can keep a small part of their loved one with them for all time.


Time and Date

Funeral or Memorial Services serve much the same purpose but can be held on very different timelines. Funerals occur much sooner after the person has died because the body of the deceased is present at the service. Memorials can occur much later because only the ashes of the deceased person are there at the service. Even then, that is not a requirement. Depending on which service type you choose will determine when it will be held. Many people holding a memorial service will elect to wait until some time has passed. This gives them time to prepare what they would like to do with the ashes and to find a convenient time for all to be at the service.

Both funerals and memorials are commonly held in funeral homes, churches, synagogues, homes, civic halls, and even outside in a beautiful place. More than one memorial service can be held in different locations if needed.


Service Leader

You’ll want to quickly find a trusted service leader to conduct services at the funeral or memorial. This person may be a clergy leader, such as a pastor, reverend, or bishop. But it can also be a non-religious professional, such as a funeral director, or celebrant. A family member or close friend can also be a great option. Ask for their support and give them thoughtful instruction and enough time to prepare.


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Funeral & Cremation FAQs


Why do you want to pre-plan a funeral or cremation?

  • One of the main benefits of pre-planning your funeral or cremation is to spare your family from the decisions and preparations needed during this process. Your family will be able to focus on adjusting to the new normal and comforting each other rather than on planning a funeral or cremation service. Learn more.


What to do with cremated ashes?

  • Families can choose to keep a loved one’s cremated remains in an urn in their home, scatter them at memorable places, place the urn in a columbarium, or bury the urn in a cemetery. Learn more.


What is a traditional funeral?

  • A traditional funeral generally consists of a visitation or viewing, a funeral service, and a casketed burial in a cemetery. Learn more.


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