Experiencing the loss of a friend or family member has never been easy. This is the case whether you have just come from funeral homes in Osler, SK or long after the memorial service is over. If you see a loved one suffering through a loss more than you are, you might find it difficult to know how to help. These tips can help with this task.

Don’t Try to Avoid the Grieving

Some people might feel the desire to avoid a grieving family member. However, this isn’t a thing that you should do. A lot of small gestures can go a small way. From kind words to hugs to offering support in any number of ways, there are a lot of methods for helping friends and family through grief once they leave funeral homes in Osler, SK. In the off chance that you can’t think of anything that you can say or do, just say a simple “I’m sorry”. These two words can do a lot to provide comfort to someone who is in pain.

Share Your Own Stories of Grief

Don’t fear sharing your own stories of bereavement. It helps people realize that other people have also gotten through their grief intact.

Don’t Mention Your Dead Pet

Don’t compare the premature loss of your puppy five years ago to the loss of a spouse of 25 years. Not only does this loss compare in no way to the loss of a beloved human companion, doing this can be extremely insulting.

Allow the Bereaved to Cry

Crying is an essential part of the grieving process. For this reason, someone trying to comfort a person in grief should never tell them not to cry. Instead, it’s important to stay present with the bereaved as they cry for the deceased. You can also offer Kleenex or a hug during this time. If nothing else, you can just give the person your calm presence.

Offer Support After the Funeral

After we leave the funeral home, your support for the bereaved shouldn’t end. Check in over the coming weeks to see what they might need. Or you could just send the bereaved a text or call them to see how they are doing. Don’t upset yourself if the other person doesn’t feel up to chatting. Grief can make even the most mundane tasks a lot more difficult. Give them time.

Talk About the Deceasedfuneral homes Osler SK 300x189

After some time has passed, don’t be afraid to bring up the deceased in conversation. By doing this, it can ensure that you let the bereaved know that the deceased is not gone from your memories or your thoughts.

There is work to be done even after everyone leaves the funeral homes in Osler, SK at the conclusion of the funeral. For more information on what the staff at Martens Warman Funeral Home, LTD. can do for you and your family, call or visit our Osler, SK facility during normal business hours. We’ll assist you in all aspects of the burial process, from beginning to end.