After your cremation service in Osler, SK, you will be grieving your loved one’s passing. Creating a scrapbook of their life is a nice way to help you work through and process some of the grief as well as create a beautiful book that will be treasured for years to come.

Why Create a Scrapbook?

In this digital age, you probably have hundreds of pictures on your smart phone, laptop, or tablet. Pictures from months or even years ago. Being able to have a camera with you all the time and the ability to store all these photos in a small device is a nice convenience of the modern age. However, there is something special about having actual physical photographs.

There is something you get from looking through photos you can actually feel and touch that you just don’t’ get with scrolling on a digital device. Making a scrapbook containing these photos of your loved one is a great way to feel connected to them and honor and celebrate their life.

Creating a scrapbook is easy and something you can do alone, or include friends and family to join in. Here are some things to consider for your project:

Choose Your Pictures

The first thing you will need for your scrapbook is all the pictures you want to use. If you already have physical photographs you wish to include, gather them up.

Next, look at the photos on your digital devices and decide which ones to use. You can get these images off of your devices in a couple of ways.

  • Connect your digital device wirelessly to your home printer and print them directly from your device
  • Download an app – there are several apps that allow you to simply select which images you would like printed and they print and ship them to you

Gather Other Materials

Things you will need are a book, the photos you have selected, scrapbook paper and any embellishments you wish to use. You will also need tape or glue, and scissors.

Embellishments could include stickers, ribbon, fake flowers, flat beads, fabric, or anything else you want to use. You can decorate using markers, gel pens, glitter pens, paint or colors.

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Start adding pictures to pages and creating your book. There are no rules here so add as many or as few photos to a page as you wish.

How you arrange the book is up to you as well. You may want to make the pages have a theme and group photos accordingly, or you could create the book depicting a timeline of your loved one’s life.

Creating this scrapbook is not only a nice way to remember your loved one, but you will also be creating a book you and your family can cherish for years to come.

Saying goodbye to a loved one after cremation services in Osler, SK. is never easy. Finding ways to help process the grief can help you work through it. If you would like more resources for handing grief, contact Martens Warman Funeral Home, LTD. Their compassionate staff is here to help.