After your loved one passes away, visiting their gravesite is a way to feel close and connected to them. With this being an important space, you want it to be clean and kept looking nice. While many cemeteries keep the grounds clean and mowed, the upkeep of the actual gravesite as well as the grave marker often times falls on the family. To keep your loved one’s final resting place looking fresh and orderly, follow these tips from directors of funeral homes in Osler, SK.

Clean Up Any Debris

With the gravesite being outdoors, it can gather a lot of debris around and on it. This debris can consist of things like dead branches from trees above, any trash that has blown into the cemetery, rocks, small twigs, etc. Make sure to clear this debris away from the site.

Landscaping Care

While the cemetery typically has grounds keepers that mow the general area, the grass and weeds on the site may not be touched. Because of this you may see weeds, vines, or other dead grass on the site. Make sure to remove all of this from the site as well as the grave marker. If there are any flowers, take some time to pull off the dead buds and trim them back if need be to help them grow fuller and healthier. If there are any bare spots in the grass consider adding grass seed to help fill in these spots.

Décor Upkeep

If you have any décor on or near the gravesite, make sure it is in good condition. If not, take it down all together or replace it with newer pieces. Many cemeteries have rules and regulations on what type of décor is allowed so always make sure your décor follows these policies.

Clean the Grave Marker

Once the gravesite is free of all weeds, old décor, and debris, turn your attention the grave marker. First, inspect the marker and look for anything that shows signs of damage such as chips or cracks. If you notice any of these things, you may consider talking with a grave marker provider about restoration before the issues get worse.

funeral homes in Osler SK 2 199x300After the marker has been inspected, it’s time to clean it. What cleaning solution you use will depend on what type of stone the marker is made from. However, the process of cleaning the marker is generally the same for any material and includes these steps:

  • Soak the marker with water either by using a hose, a bucket of water, or even a spray bottle can work
  • Mix together a stone-specific cleaning solution (you can talk to the marker provider to know the best cleaning solution for the stone you purchased)
  • Using a soft bristle brush, gentle scrub the marker with the cleaning solution
  • Rinse the marker off completely with fresh water

Final Thoughts

Keeping your loved one’s gravesite clean and looking nice not only provides you a peaceful place to feel close to them, but it also shows respect and love for your loved one. Cleaning this space isn’t difficult, it just requires a little attention. By following these tips from directors of funeral homes in Osler, SK., your loved one’s site will be clean and looking great.