How do you decide what body disposition to planning? A funeral home can help you arrange funeral services or cremation services in North Battleford, SK. But what should you do if you’re not exactly certain about which of the two makes the most sense for your deceased loved one?

Here are some things to consider before you and your family ultimately select a body disposition method.

Religious Considerations

It’s important to know that most religious groups accept both funerals and cremations. But that doesn’t mean that all of them do. Some faiths, such as a handful of groups under Christendom, mandate that their observers plan funerals rather than cremations. There are also religions, like Hinduism and Buddhism, that prefer cremations over funerals. So discuss with a funeral director whether your religious affiliation makes one body disposition option more preferable than the other. You might also wish to speak to the clergy or the leader of your religious group.

How Cremations and Funerals Differ

It’s also important to consider the differences between the two. With cremation, the body of the deceased is reduced to its basic elements via a process that involves a cremation chamber and intense heat. After this, the ashes and the bone fragments are pulverized into ashes. With a funeral, there is a funeral service and this is followed by a casket burial under the ground. You and your family can discuss which of these two options is the best one for your situation.


You can’t forget the importance of tradition. Some families plan a church, a graveside service with singing and scripture readings, a casket burial, and then a reception. If this describes the way things go in your family, then you might not wish to go against the grain by planning a cremation instead. A funeral service provides the opportunity for the family to come together to honor the deceased, to comfort one another, and to gain the strength to go forward. Of course, some families plan simple cremations and then hold a memorial service later on. With a memorial service or celebration of life service, you can enjoy many of the same benefits of a traditional funeral service.

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Options Following the Body Disposition

After a funeral, the body is lowered into the earth and then covered up. But after the cremation, there are lots of options. You can take the ashes home in an urn, you can scatter the ashes after a memorial or celebration of life services, you can bury the ashes, you can create cremation jewelry, and much more.

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