After your cremation services in Martensville, SK, you may wonder what to do with your loved one’s ashes. Although there are many options such as keeping them in an urn placed in your home or scattering them in a favorite place of the deceased, another option is adding them into a living wall memorial at your home.

A living wall memorial is a lasting and beautiful way to honor and remember your loved one. Making one is not difficult and can be therapeutic in the grieving process.

Where You Should Create Your Living Wall

Choosing the space for the memorial is entirely a personal choice. Since living walls can be created inside or outside the home, in shade, or sun, you have the flexibility to build it almost anywhere. Choose a spot that is good for you; a place that will bring comfort and joy.

Once you determine the space, you will need to decide on what greenery you would like to have.

Consider the Environment

You will need to choose plants that will thrive in the space you have chosen. Notice the temperature and elements of the space you choose. Note if the space has sunlight or if it is mostly shaded. If choosing a place inside, does the room get very hot with the afternoon sun? Is the air conditioning vent blowing right on the wall? If choosing a place outside, how will the weather effect the plants?

Plan the Design

Also, when choosing the plants, think about the design of the space. If you would like the wall to be lush and almost all covered, consider hanging plants. If you would like a simple, “cleaner” look, consider succulents or other smaller plants.

If you are not sure of what plants to use, visit your local plant nursery and let them help you decide.

How to Create the Living Wall

Now that you have decided on your plants, you need to hang them up. To do this, you will use planters or any other containers you would like.

Just as when picking out the plants, think about the design of the space when choosing containers. For example, if you would like the focus to be on just the plants, choose thinner containers that lay flatter to the wall so that the plants can grow out and over them easily.

Once you have decided on your your chosen containers, attach them to the wall. Next, fill each one up with nutrient-rich soil. Add a small amount of your loved one’s ashes. Lastly, plant your flowers and plants in the containers.

The living wall memorial will serve as a great reminder and tribute to your loved one. Feel free to change it as you wish. Add more plants or switch out containers. You could even add photos or other special items into the display.

To make the building process even more special you could invite close friends or family over to help you. As you all gather around and work on the wall, you could share stories and fun memories of your loved one.

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While saying good-bye to a loved one after your cremation services in Martensville, SK, is never easy, let the caring staff at Martens Warman Funeral Home, LTD. help you in this process. Their caring and compassionate staff will take care of everything so that you don’t have to do it all alone. Contact them and talk one-on-one with a funeral director to answer any questions you may have.