If you have been asked to host a funeral reception after a loved one’s services from a funeral home in North Battleford, SK. you might be a bit intimidated. Even if you have hosted receptions or parties in the past, a funeral reception is not the same and needs to be held in a certain way. Knowing how to properly hold an event such as this with the care and dignity it requires can go a long way in making every who attends feel comfortable.

What is a funeral reception?

An after-funeral gathering known as a funeral reception allows friends and family to join together to honor and remember the life of a departed loved one. Usually, the funeral service is immediately followed by the reception.

Steps in planning a funeral reception

To ensure everything gets checked off and nothing is overlooked, let’s dive into what needs to be done step by step.

Step 1. Decide on the time

step 1 time

While most funeral receptions are held directly after the funeral, they certainly don’t have to be. You may see these receptions being held later on in the day of the service or even a few days later. This is truly up to the family and may depend on things such as having family members needing more time to travel so that they can attend. Talk with the family and decide on the day and time to hold the event.

Step 2. Select the location

step 2 location

Once you know the day, you will need to select the location and make sure it is available. The location will depend partly on how many guests you expect as well as what you will need. For example, if you expect a small gathering you could have it at someone’s home. However, you will need to consider seating and make sure there is enough. If not, you may need to provide additional chairs. Because of this, a venue like a small event space at a church might be a better fit.

Step 3. Invite the guests

step 3 guests

If the reception is public and everyone is welcome to attend, then making an announcement at the end of the funeral service is typically an appropriate way to let everyone know. If you would like the event to be a little more private or invite only, you will need to decide how to invite those guests.

You could invite these guests by handing out invitations at the funeral service, letting them know by email invitation, or by mailing out paper invitations in the mail. In any case, make sure to include the address and directions to the location in the invitation.

Step 4. Provide food and drinks

step 4 food drinks

Most of the receptions will have some type of refreshment. What you have can depend on your budget as well as what type of mood you are wanting to create. An example of this is a sit-down dinner feels much more formal than a buffet table where guests serve themselves.

Note that you do not have to provide guests with a full meal, but they will expect some sort of food. If you would like to save money you could have people bring dishes and have a potluck reception. You could even incorporate the favorite dishes of the deceased.

What is usually served at a funeral reception?

Ham is a particularly well-liked option for the menu at funeral receptions. Popular and efficient foods that reheat well include pasta meals, casseroles, and other foods. They frequently freeze nicely and make excellent leftovers. Always popular are potatoes.

Step 5. Create a comfortable space

step 5 comfortable space

If you are hosting a reception that is public, there are going to be people and groups of people there who don’t know the other guests. An example is that the guys who worked in the office with your loved one may not know the guys from his baseball team. Help everyone feel comfortable by creating a welcoming space.

You can do this by having background music playing to fill any silence, grouping chairs together to form sitting areas, and even displaying photographs or photo albums of the deceased so that guests can view them and have something to connect over.

How long should a funeral reception last?

Usually, a reception is held just after the funeral or burial service. It typically includes food or a meal and can last up to two hours. Receptions might be held in a funeral reception hall or at a relative’s house. It’s not always required to attend receptions.

Hosting a funeral reception after a loved one’s services from a funeral home in North Battleford, SK. can seem daunting at first. But, if you just take everything step-by-step, you will create a wonderful space for people to come together and honor the life of your loved one.