When talking to funeral homes in Martensville, SK, one of the questions you may have ask is if items can be placed in the coffin with your loved one for burial. The answer is yes. Personal items have been buried with individuals going back thousands of years, and this is something still practiced today.

The Egyptians are probably most well-known for this ritual filling their tombs with personal items for their deceased. These items were called “grave goods” and included items they believed the loved one would need or use in their afterlife. Items included things like combs, pots and bowls, amulets, and jewelry.

Today, many cultures around the world still take part in this practice. Although some continue to place items the loved one may need in the afterlife, others place items that have special meaning or connection to the deceased.

What you decide to include with your loved one is entirely up to you and your family. Some of the most common items are:

  • Flowers– This is perhaps the most traditional and common item. The flowers can be placed inside the coffin or placed on top at the time of burial. Selecting your loved one’s favorite flower or the flower they had at their wedding or other special occasion could be a nice choice.
  • Pictures– Family photos are a nice thing to add. These could include current images of friends or family or pictures of past relatives.
  • Jewelry-Sometimes you may want to keep your loved one’s wedding ring or other special piece as a family heirloom. If not, you can allow it to be kept and buried with them. You could also add any other special pieces they loved.
  • Books– If your loved one had a special book they enjoyed, including that in the coffin is a nice touch
  • Awards– This could include ribbons, trophies, or even any certificates or letters of award they received.
  • Letters- Having family and close friends compose a letter to be buried with the loved one can be a special touch. It can also be a very healing activity for the ones who write the letters.
  • Special Made Item– One idea is to have something specially made. If your loved one had a special quote or saying they loved, you could have it engraved on a bracelet or plaque and add that in.
  • Hobby Items – This is such a fun way to honor your loved one. Adding in hobby items can really showcase their personality. If they loved to fish, you could include a fishing pole or tackle. If they were always gardening, adding their gardening gloves would be a nice addition.
  • Other– Did you loved one have any special wishes of items they would like to be buried with? Make sure to take these into consideration so that you honor their request.

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If you have any questions on what is or isn’t allowed to be buried with them, talking to funeral homes in Martensville, SK can help. Contact Martens Warman Funeral Home, LTD. and talk to a funeral director one-on-one to answer any questions or concerns you may have. They are here and ready to help you.