Leaving items and tokens of love at a gravesite has been something people have done for thousands of years. This act is a loving act that honors the deceased and shows you are thinking about them. Although this can be a sweet gesture, it is important to understand what you should (and shouldn’t) leave at a gravesite. While each cemetery may have specific rules on what is allowed, directors of funeral homes in Martensville, SK. discuss some of the more general items you should or should not leave at a gravesite.

Items That Are Okay To Leave

As we stated, each cemetery will have various rules on what is permitted so, while this is a general list that most cemeteries allow, always check with your individual location to ensure you are following their rules.

  • Flowers– Typically, flowers are permitted and can be fresh, real flowers or silk flowers. If you are leaving fresh flowers, know that they will be normally removed once they begin to wilt by the cemetery groundskeepers.
  • Grave blanket– If you are not familiar with this item, you are not alone as many people have not heard of them before. Grave blankets are not made from fabric but instead, it is made by evergreen being woven together. It is said that the placing of the blanket is a gesture of love representing keeping their loved one warm.
  • Stones – Although the roots of this tradition aren’t exactly clear, many people still leave small rocks, pebbles, or river rocks at gravesites as a token of love.
  • Special Occasion / Holiday Décor– Although most cemeteries already decorate for major holidays,, many families may wish to add additional décor for the holiday or on a special day such as birthdays or anniversaries. While most cemeteries will allow you to add décor, make sure you know what exactly is permitted.

Items You Should Not Leave

Just as important to know what you can leave, it is important to know what you cannot leave. Some of these items you should not leave are:

  • Stuffed Animals – Although stuffed animals can be a cute token at a gravesite and are often permitted by cemeteries, unfortunately, they do not stay looking good long. Natural elements such as wind, rain, snow, and dirt can have them looking pretty worn fairly quickly. Because of this, the cemetery staff will often discard them pretty quick once they look tattered.
  • Flower Vases– Vases should not be left at a gravesite because they are not biodegradable and are often made from plastic or glass which can break and chip. These pieces can be blown around the cemetery grounds which makes the grounds more hazardous. When leaving flowers at a gravesite, simply tie the flowers with some twine and lay on the grave.

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If you would like more information on what exactly is permitted in your loved one’s cemetery, contact the location directly and ask for their rules and regulations. This way you can always review their policies before leaving anything to ensure you are within the rules. If you need further guidance you can talk with your director from the funeral home in Martensville, SK.