Have you encountered some of the myths surrounding cremation services? While there are a lot of misconceptions about the body disposition process itself, there are also some myths about the ashes. If you’re going to find a provider of cremation services is Osler, SK, you’ll want to ensure that you abandon any inaccurate ideas that might skew your decision-making.

What follows is a look at some myths about cremation ashes. You’ll see that there’s nothing to them.

Myth: Cremation Ashes Pose Environmental Risk

One myth you might have encountered is that cremation ashes pose risks to the environment. The reality is that cremation ashes don’t pose any risks to the environment. So if you wish to scatter the ashes of a deceased relative, you can do so knowing that it won’t cause environmental damage. If there were any issues on this front, scattering would probably have been banned. But this is not the cause because there is no risk.

Myth: Cremation Ashes Pose Health Risks

Another myth that you may have heard is that cremation ashes pose a health risk. This statement is completely untrue, however, since cremation ashes won’t endanger you or anyone else’s health. So whether you plan to scatter the ashes after the cremation, take the ashes home with you in an urn, or bury the ashes in the backyard, you won’t have to worry about any health complications associated with dealing with cremation ashes.

Myth: Cremation Chamber Reduces Deceased Bodies to Ashes

A common myth that many people believe is that the cremation chamber process reduces deceased bodies to ashes. This is not entirely true. Sure, the cremation chamber, which is extremely hot, reduces the body back to its basic elements. But what you’ll find after the cremation chamber stage are some ashes, teeth, and some bone fragments. So after the cremation chamber process is complete, the funeral home or crematory will collect the remains and them crush or pulverize them to produce the fine, greyish ashes that resemble sand. This means that there are two steps before the ashes are placed into a cremation urn.

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Myth: It’s Against the Law to Scatter Ashes

This, too, is a myth. You can scatter ashes just about anywhere. There will be some exceptions, and you can ask the funeral home you work with to fill you in on any rules you should be mindful of. One thing you should know, however, is that you shouldn’t scatter on anyone’s property unless the owner of the said property gives you permission to do so. That makes sense since you probably wouldn’t want someone to scatter ashes on your property without your go-ahead.

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