5 Ways You Can Memorialize Your Loved One Following Cremation Services

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After losing a loved one and planning their cremation services in Warman, SK, you might want to do something extra special as a way to honor them and to ensure that they’re never forgotten. This is where memorialization options come in. You’ll see that there are plenty of things you can do to honor their memory after they have passed on and gone to their rest.

Here are 5 ways you can memorialize your relative once the cremation services are over.

1. Plant Something

One way you can memorialize your deceased loved one is by planting something in their honor. For instance, you can plant a flower garden that includes some of their favorite varieties. Did they like black-eyed Susans, roses, tulips, or something else? Create a garden or use a section of your existing garden to establish a flower garden that will honor the memory of the deceased. You might also wish to plant a tree in their honor. A tree can last decades, so planting a tree can be a great way to remember the deceased over generations.

2. Establish Honourary Scholarship

Another way you can honor a deceased loved one is to establish an honourary scholarship in their name. You can contact their alma mater to find out about how to go about starting up a scholarship that will start an enduring legacy.

3. Give to Charity

Was your deceased loved one passionate about a particular cause when they were alive? Were they keenly interested in helping those in need, caring for animals, or volunteering at area schools or nursing homes? You can make a donation to a cause in the name of your loved one. And remember that giving doesn’t have to mean a monetary gift. If your deceased relative had helped at the food bank, you and your other family members might want to volunteer some of your time to such a cause in honor of your deceased loved one.

4. Get a Monument

A grave marker can make for a fitting way to memorialize your deceased loved one. You might also wish to get a special bench to place on your property. The funeral home you contact will be able to give you ideas on physical monuments that may be of interest to you and yours.

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5. Cremation Jewelry

Another popular way to memorialize a deceased loved one is to get memorial jewelry. The thing that differentiates regular jewelry from memorial jewelry is that the latter includes a compartment to place the ashes of your deceased loved one.

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July 13, 2020

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