After a family has planned services with funeral homes in Osler, SK, and you have been invited to the funeral, you might have questions about the funeral service and the proper etiquette you should follow. This is especially true if this is the first funeral service you have attended.

Questions such as what you should wear to the service, what you should- or shouldn’t- say to the family of the deceased, where you should sit, and more can make you feel very unsure of yourself and you might even consider not attending.

Don’ let this uncertainty stop you from going to the service. A little research now can answer most of the questions you may have, giving you the confidence to attend. And if you are still not sure about something, remember that many people attending the service are feeling just as unsure.

To help you feel more confident, here are a few of the top questions/concerns people have.

What Should I Wear?

While black is a standard color choice for your funeral attire, it doesn’t have to be. Blues, plums, and other darker colors are just as appropriate. When choosing jewelry or other accessories to wear, select pieces that are simple and understated. Now is not the time to make a fashion statement.

When Should I Arrive?

Being on time is important to show respect for the deceased and the service. Arriving 10-15 minutes before the service starts is a good standard. If you do happen to show up late and the service has started, do your best to find a seat near back and quietly sit down so you don’t interrupt the service.

Where Do I Sit?

When you arrive to the service, find a seat in the third row back or further since the first two rows are normally reserved for close friends and family of the deceased. There might be ushers to direct you where to sit, if not, select a seat behind the reserved rows.

If you are attending a graveside service and you see rows of chairs, these are reserved for the close friends and family. Instead, walk and find a place to stand behind the chairs.

What Do I Say to the Deceased’s Family?funeral homes helping Osler SK 2 300x235

This is probably the biggest question people have. After all, you want to be respectful and not say the wrong thing but knowing what is appropriate can be tough.

It is best to keep things simple. A kind “I’m sorry for your loss”, or “my thoughts are with you” are nice options to show your support.

While this is not a complete list of the questions you may have, hopefully this helps set your mind at ease a little and give you more confidence in being able to attend the service and do so in a respectful way.

If you have more questions, reaching out to funeral homes in Osler, SK can help. Call Martens Warman Funeral Home, LTD. and talk with their compassionate and helpful staff to discuss any additional questions or concerns you may have.