If you’ve never planned a funeral service before but find yourself needing to arrange one, you might initially feel overwhelmed by the process. There are quite a few things to keep in mind if you want to do things the right way and to plan an event that honours your deceased loved one. Your first order of business is to find a reputable funeral home in Martensville, SK to help you make the right final services plans. While the funeral director at a reputable funeral home will be all the help you need, it doesn’t hurt to do some research to learn more about the process. So, check out the funeral planning checklist below to see what planning a funeral service entail.

Gather Obituary Information

It’s important to write an obituary to mark the passing of a deceased loved one. You’ll want to gather as much information as you can to make it easy to write the obituary.

Select Funeral Home

The most important step is to find the right funeral home to work with. Do some research so that you find a service provider that will be a good fit for you and your family. In addition to focusing on track record and reputation, you’ll want to focus on how long they’ve been in business, how accessible they are, the type of facilities they offer, and the variety of final services packages they offer.

Choose Between Funeral Service and Cremation Service

You’ll then want to decide what final services package you want to plan. Do you want to plan a funeral service that concludes with a burial or do you wish to plan a cremation that concludes with an ashes scattering ceremony to honor the deceased?

Choose Products

If you’re planning a funeral, you’ll want to choose the right casket and tombstone. If you’re planning a cremation, you’ll want to select an appropriate urn and urn vault. You can ask the funeral director for the options you have. They will have what you need.

Plan the Final Services Event

If you’ll be having a funeral service, you’ll want to order flowers, appoint the speakers, order programs, order food for the reception, and do other things. You’ll also want to ensure that people who you’ve listed have been asked and have consequently.

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Determine What Other Services Will be Held

Do you want to hold a memorial service, a celebration of life service, or some other event after the funeral or cremation? You’ll want to decide what event you want and plan accordingly. Get other members of your family to assist in planning these events.

Do you need to find a reputable funeral home in Martensville, SK? We’re a professional death care services provider that is committed to helping people to plan and preplan final services. When you’re ready to plan or if you have any questions that you need our answers to, give us a call, stop by our office, or visit our website. We’ll be honored to help you with your final services arrangement plans, so let us know how we can be of service.