Planning final services at a funeral home can be difficult when you’re still grieving the loss of someone you love dearly. The funeral director at an Osler, SK funeral home will sit down with you, listen to what you want, answer your questions, and assist you in planning a body disposition. If you’re not certain whether to arrange a cremation or a funeral, you can bet that the funeral director will help you figure out what direction to go.

What should you do, though, if you decide to plan a funeral but are not sure you want to go through with a formal funeral service? Is it a good idea to skip the funeral service altogether and perhaps to just have a graveside service followed by a casket burial? There are several reasons why you should not skip a funeral service. Read on to find out more.

Holding Funeral Service Provides Opportunity to Pay Last Respects

Many families choose to plan funeral services so that they can pay their last respects in a formal way. They can be held in churches, other houses of worship, or just about anywhere else. While the deceased may be in a coffin and oblivious to what is happening, the funeral service provides a way for the living to show, by their attendance and participation, that the deceased mattered. This can be especially meaningful for family members who lived far away and who may not have seen the deceased in a long time.

Holding Funeral Service Facilities Healing

You can bet that gathering with family, friends, and people who knew the deceased will create a healing experience. Everyone will be grieving in some way, so being able to come together to cry together and to celebrate together will be beneficial to all. And, yes, there is a celebratory part to funeral services. While there will be sadness, there will also be gladness as people celebrate the life of someone who had touched so many. So be sure to talk about the positive impact they had people, talk about the causes they held near and dear to their heart, talk about the love they had for family and friends, talk about their greatest accomplishments, and more. By the time the funeral service is over, you and everyone else will leave feeling refreshed and ready to live your lives to the fullest.

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Holding Funeral Service Brings Closure

It’ll come as no surprise to you that everyone mourns the loss of someone they love. It’s just that some will mourn longer than others will. And there will always be some people who will need a funeral service to help them accept the new normal and move on with their lives. So don’t refrain from holding a funeral service when such an event may be needed by some.

If you need to find a funeral home serving Osler, SK residents, we’re ready, willing, and able to help. We have experience helping families to plan funeral services and cremations services, and we also have experience assisting people to preplan their final services. When you’re ready to plan or if you have any questions, give us a call, pay us a visit, or visit our website.

Funeral Homes FAQs

Do funeral homes keep copies of death certificates?
At the time of death, copies may be ordered from the funeral home or mortuary. If you need a death certificate after a certain amount of time has expired, contact the county or state vital records office.
How long can a funeral home hold a body?
Most bodies are held in a funeral home for 3 to 7 days between death and the funeral service. However, since there are so many projects to accomplish in this time period, it’s easy for the service to be interrupted due to unforeseen circumstances.
What happens to a dead body at the funeral home?
Funeral homes look after the recently dead before they are buried or cremated. The wishes of the deceased, loved ones, religious rituals, and cultural traditions all influence what happens to a body at a funeral home.