If you have ever attended services at funeral homes in Osler, SK. you might have received a funeral favor. These favors serve as a token of gratitude from the family to the guests and also function as a tangible item to remember the services and their loved one. These trinkets can be things like prayer card, keychains, bookmarks and more. If you are not familiar with funeral favors or the options available, keep reading as we explore ideas for unique favors.

Pocket Charms

Pocket charms are small charms that one keeps in their pocket or purse. They can be made to be round or any other shape and be engraved to add an image of the name of the deceased. You can hand these out to each guest individually, or simply place on a tribute table or by the sign in book and encourage guests to take one. Then, later anytime the guest comes across it again in their purse or pocket, they can smile and remember their loved one.

Personalized Seed Cards

These are a wonderful option if your loved one adored nature or was environmentally conscious. These cards are made with seeds infused in them so when guests are ready, they simply plant the entire card into the ground. You can find many variations of these cards online as well as what types of flowers they produce.

Memorial Stones

For a natural look, you could consider using memorial stones as a funeral favor. These stones look beautiful laid around the tribute table, surrounding candles, or placed by the sign in book. These small stones are smooth river rocks and can be engraved with a short saying or the deceased’s name. Guests can keep them in their purse, place them on their desk or nightstand or place them in their garden. It is a wonderful way to remember your loved one.

Memorial Wristbands

If you want something that guests can wear and have with them at all times, a custom wristband is a great option. These rubber wristbands come in almost any color imaginable and can be engraved on one or both sides. Also, since they are waterproof and durable, guests can feel confident they will last if worn every day.

funeral homes in Osler SK 199x300Custom Fortune Cookies

If you would like a truly different type of funeral favor, maybe custom fortune cookies are for you. These are just like normal fortune cookies except you can customize the message inside. These are a very unique favor that guests will really enjoy.

Make it Personal

When you are deciding on your funeral favor, think of your loved one and what made them unique and special. Try to connect the favor to that in some way for a truly personalized favor. For example, if your loved one was always drinking hot tea, perhaps a tea bag of their favorite flavor would be a nice idea. If they adored nature, maybe a pocket charm with a tree engraved on it, or seed packets might be a nice choice.

In any case, your guests at funeral homes in Osler, SK. will appreciate any funeral favor they are gifted with and will be sure to keep it as a treasured item for years to come.