After holding a funeral service for a loved one at a funeral home in North Battleford, SK, you and yours might want to do something extra special to honor their memory. There are lots of different options you can select from, so you and yours will want to discuss what to do.

Here’s a look at some of the things you can do to memorialize a deceased loved one.

Flower Garden

If your deceased loved one had loved to work in the garden, then you might want to create a flower garden in their honor. You can plant flowers that they had particularly enjoyed. This memorial will honor your deceased loved one’s memory. You and your family will, while tending the garden and ensuring that it thrives, help to create a lasting memorial.

Celebration of Life Service

Another option is to hold a celebration of life service. You, your family, and people who had known the deceased will be able to gather in a venue to celebrate the life of the deceased. A celebration of life event is supposed to be more upbeat than a funeral service. Yes, people will still be mourning. But the celebration of life event will give everyone the opportunity to reflect on all the good that the deceased had done. It will help mourners to mourn and to heal.

Online Memorial

Another option is to set up an online memorial. Given the problems connected to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are advantages to holding an online event. You’ll be able to help keep family and friends safe, and you’ll also be able to include people who wouldn’t be able to travel. You can either plan something out our do something more informal. Whatever direction you take, you’ll be able to honor the deceased and encourage the living with an online memorial.

Charitable Donation

You can also honor the deceased by supporting a cause that had been near and dear to them. This can involve making a financial donation or volunteering some of your time to help. Let the organization know that you’re doing what you’re doing on behalf of a deceased loved one.

funeral home North Battleford SK 300x176Family Gathering

Yet another way you can honor your deceased loved one after the funeral service is by holding a family gathering. It can be as simple as the family gathering in a private home to share a meal.

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