What do you do if you learn that a friend of yours has recently lost a family member? You will want to reach out to them in whatever way you feel appropriate to let them know you’re sorry for their loss. But another thing you can do is offer them a sympathy gift from the heart. Whether before or after the funeral home service in Saskatoon, SK, you can give them a gift from the heart.

Here’s a look at some of the things that tend to make great sympathy gifts. You can and should, however, rely on your knowledge of your friend to choose an appropriate gift.

Bouquet of Flowers

Flowers can make a great sympathy gift, but it’s best to consider whether it would be appropriate in your situation. If you’re confident that your grieving friend will appreciate such a gift, you can choose a bouquet. Do they love specific types of flowers? If they have a flower garden, it might be best to offer them flowers that they don’t already grow in their garden. Also, consider researching what different kinds of flowers symbolize if you want to make a big impact. The funeral home you deal with will be able to offer recommendations if you’re not sure what types of flowers to buy.


Is your friend a bookworm? There are lots of books you could offer your friend. If your friend is religious, you could look for an appropriate book that will uplift their spirits. If they love self-help books, find something that will be appropriate for what they are going through in the immediate aftermath of a loss. Be sure to include a hand-written note to further personalize the gift.

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Gift Basket

Another popular sympathy gift option is a gift basket. The sky’s the limit in terms of what you can put in a gift basket. Does your friend enjoy fresh fruit? You can get a gift basket that includes different kinds of in-season produce. If your friend is the sort of person who is always snacking on sweets and candies, you can load a gift basket with chocolates, cookies, and other things. While you can create your own gift basket, you can also buy pre-made gift baskets. This might make it easier if you’re pressed for time or are out of ideas as to how to create one.

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