To be present when a beloved family member passes away can be traumatizing. Knowing what you should do and who you should call first when a relative dies is critical. You’ll be able to do the right thing at a time you’ll be under stress. While you’ll ultimately need to contact a funeral home that offers funeral services and cremation services in North Battleford, SK, is that the first phone call you should make upon finding that a loved one has died? Read on to find out

#1. Law Enforcement Authorities

Among the very first things you have to do when a family member has died is contact the appropriate authorities, like the police. This’s particularly true when, for instance, no one was present when your loved one died. Police officials are taught to help in these kinds of situations and could offer guidance regarding who to call next.

#2. Physician, Coroner, or Medical Examiner

In some circumstances, the place where the deceased died and the scenario surrounding their passing will factor into whether you ought to call a physician, medical examiner, or even a coroner. Usually, police officials who’ve arrived on the scene first will have the ability to contact a medical examiner or the coroner. Doing this will allow for pronouncing the time of death. For people who die in a hospital or in a similar environment, staff will manage these matters.

#3. Family and Executor

You’ll also want to call immediate family members and the executor who has decision-making authority following the death of your loved one. They will handle the end-of-life plans. It might be easier if you delegate one or more people to inform other family members and friends.

#4. Funeral Home

After you’ve made the aforementioned calls, you’ll want to reach out to a funeral home to speak with a funeral director. This licensed industry professional will help you make final services arrangements for your deceased loved one. Calling the funeral home you want to work with will give you all of the information you need to arrange the final disposition. When contacting the funeral home to speak with the funeral director, make sure to provide the deceased’s complete name and address, their social insurance number, and more. The funeral director will be sure to let you know what information and documentation are needed to plan a final service.

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Do you need to find a provider of funeral services and cremation services in North Battleford, SK? We have the options you need to plan a final service that honours the memory of your deceased loved one. For the help you require, give us a call to speak to our funeral director or to someone else on our staff. You can also visit us at our office if you’d prefer to talk to someone in person. We’ll be honoured to assist you in your time of need.