Did you know that it’s possible to combine a cremation service with a traditional funeral? Many people who plan cremation services in Warman, SK don’t realize that going this route doesn’t mean that they can’t also incorporate some of the aspects of traditional funerals. While going with a cremation is a great choice, there are reasons why pairing it with a funeral service makes a lot of sense. Read on for a look at some of the benefits of adding a funeral service.

Acknowledge that Someone Special Has Died

One of the reasons a funeral service is important is that it’s one of the ways that people can acknowledge the passing of someone special to them. Unfortunately, many families are so spread out in different states, different countries, and even different continents that they don’t always meet up as much as they’d like to. But many will take the time to go to a funeral honouring a deceased loved one. Funerals are the sort of rite of passage that unite families.

Gain Closure

Another reason why it makes sense to combine a cremation service with a traditional funeral service is that it will help you and yours to gain closure. Some people will take a death in the family harder than others, and it might take actually seeing a body in a casket for them to accept reality. Seeing is, as it’s been said, believing. Failing to have a formal service in a church or chapel can compromise the healing process for some. It’s best to assess the needs of your loved ones to see if it would be best to have a formal service along with the cremation.

Help the Living to Heal

Funeral services are not just about the dead – they’re also about the living. When you hold a funeral service to honor a deceased loved one, you and your other family members and friends will have the opportunity to comfort one another and to receive comfort from one another. Such an event can paly a critical role in the healing process.

Appreciate Life All the More

Combining a cremation with a funeral service will also help you and your loved ones to appreciate life all the more. Life goes by fast, and you’ll appreciate this more and more at a funeral service. You, your family, and your friends will learn to live life to the fullest and to appreciate all of the things life has to offer.

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If you want to plan a Warman, SK cremation service but also want to have a traditional funeral service, get in touch with us at Martens Warman Funeral Home, LTD. A cremation service can include many of the same elements as a traditional funeral such as a church service, flowers, music, and even a viewing. For more information, get a hold of us by calling (306) 934-4888 or by visiting us at 402 Central St W Warman, SK S0K 4S0 Canada. We’re a family-owned business with a three-decade-long history of serving the community and the surrounding areas. Let us know how we can help you in your time of need!