Cremation services are becoming more and more common. There are many reasons why a lot of families opt to plan cremation services with a Martensville, SK funeral home. Some funeral homes allow families to plan a cremation with a funeral service, but others do not. If for whatever reason you plan a cremation service but skip the church service, you can hold a memorial service. Why are the benefits of holding a memorial service? Read on to find out.

1. Gather with People You Love and Care About

One of the reasons a funeral service is so meaningful is that it allows people to congregate. While it’s good for people to come together to celebrate the good times – like weddings or births. Coming together to honor a deceased loved one is also important and shouldn’t be skipped. The memorial service doesn’t have to be held right after the cremation. If you and yours need some time to come to terms with what has occurred, you can take however much time you need. It will do you some good to come together in honor of the deceased.

2. Pay Last Respects

It’s always a good idea to pay last respects. People do this when they attend a funeral service in a church. They come together in order to, among other things, show that the deceased mattered and that they will be missed. This can be all the more important for people who hadn’t seen the deceased for a long time. Being able to honor their memory at the memorial will be a healing experience for family and friends as they work their way through the grieving process. Take the time to share stories about the deceased and talk about your favourite memories about them.

cremation services with a Martensville SK 2 300x1683. Gain Closure

You’ll also gain closure at a memorial. It can be difficult for anyone to accept that the deceased won’t come back. A formal or informal memorial service can help people to come to terms with what has happened. And acceptance is the only way that people can ultimately heal and move on with their lives. They won’t ever forget the deceased, but they will shed the pain surrounding their loss.

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