The most fundamental type of cremation is direct cremation, sometimes known as plain cremation. Your loved one is picked up, cremated privately, and their ashes are returned (usually in simple cardboard or plastic urn). Additionally, this makes direct cremation the most cost-effective choice for families. The National Funeral Directors Association reports that direct cremation is rising in popularity in the US. There are many causes for this, but they frequently include affordability, simplicity, and flexibility. And you know what? All the characteristics and services that a cremation service can have in  cremation services in Martensville, SK.

What are the standard features of Direct Cremation?

Many of the expenses associated with a typical funeral are avoided with direct cremation because neither a formal funeral nor any pre-funeral activities are included.

  • Because cremation occurs as soon as a person passes away, you can hire a crematory directly rather than a funeral home. This may enable you to make significant financial savings.
  • Instead of using an expensive casket for cremation, the body is typically placed in a primary container.
  • Before the cremation, there is no viewing, visitation, or wake; therefore, embalming or other body preparations are unnecessary.
  • An expensive casket and funeral arrangements can be avoided by holding a memorial ceremony instead.

What are the service options that you can choose?

If you want a direct cremation and a standard service, it will probably be held as a memorial service later on. You won’t be arranging a direct cremation if you want a service before the cremation; instead, you’ll be planning a “conventional” cremation.

How can you prepare for a Direct Cremation?

In most cases, the crematory employees will typically be able to handle every element of the cremation, including filling out the death certificate and bringing the body there. Additionally, crematories frequently charge a small fraction of what a funeral home would for the same services.

You can arrange a direct cremation in conjunction with a funeral home. In addition to the Basic Services Price they will charge for their services, the funeral home will finish the death certificate and deliver the deceased body to the crematory for a nominal fee.

Usual cost of a Direct Cremation

cremation services Martensville SKSince the most expensive purchases—casket, body preparation, funeral ceremony, considerable transportation—are avoided, direct cremation is the least costly method of disposition. Furthermore, some funeral homes may charge a lesser Basic Services Fee (the non-negotiable flat fee charged by funeral homes) for direct cremation. Finding a funeral home with a reduced Basic Services Fee for direct cremation is worthwhile if you want to save money. Consider any cemetery costs, such as the price of the plot or columbarium niche, the price of a headstone or grave marker, and any cemetery fees, such as opening and closing of the grave, headstone installation fees, endowment care or perpetual care fees, among others, if you intend to bury the cremated remains in a cemetery plot or inter them in a columbarium.

Now that you know all the necessary information about direct cremation, you can choose your cremation service partner. But if you want a recommendation, many people prefer the service that cremation services Martensville, SK provides.