Finding ways to honor your loved one after cremation services in Martensville, SK is a great way to help work though your grief. Creating a memory book is a great project to do this. This is different than a regular photo album or scrapbook in that it focuses more on written stories and memories rather than images.

Memory books are a unique way to showcase your loved one’s life and personality though the eyes of those they touched. Also, by having friends and family get involved, it’s a nice way for everyone to connect and support each other.

Don’t worry if you are not sure how to make a memory book. By following a few, easy steps, you will be able to design your perfect book.

1. Determine Book Type

The first step is to decide if you would like a physical book, or a digital one. There are pros and cons to both so what you decide depends on how you wish the final book to look as well as the how you want to create it.

  • Digital– If you are looking to have a book you can email to friends and family, a digital book is a great option. Also with these books, they are designed all online so if you are not a “crafty” person, you may prefer this option.
  • Physical – These books are great if you enjoy projects working with physical items rather than designing things online. Because this makes just one book, it is not available to share with multiple friends or family members

2. Create Your List of Characters

Think about who was in your loved one’s life and write their names on a list. This will be your “cast of characters” that you will ask for stories and memories. Think of everyone they had a connection with your loved one, from close friends and family to coworkers, neighbors, etc.

3.Gather Photos and Stories/Memories

Once you have your list of characters, reach out and ask them for any stories or favorite memories of your loved one they would like to share. They could supply these typed or handwritten. If they have any photos that accompany the story, ask if you can print a copy of it to include as well.

cremation services in Martensville SK 300x2164. Design the Book

Once you have all the stories and photos, it’s time to put it all together. If you are choosing a physical book, decide your layout, and arrange the photos and notes accordingly. Simply glue in place. You can add additional elements such as ribbon or stickers. or color and add designs with markers or paint.

If you are choosing to go digital, scan all your notes and photos into your computer. You can then use an app and design the layout yourself and have it printed or send everything to a professional and have them design as well as print.

Deigning a memory book after your cremation services in Martensville, SK is a nice way to honor your loved one, connect with friends and family, and create a treasure you will cherish for years to come. For all your cremation service needs, talk with caring and knowledgeable staff at Martens Warman Funeral Home, LTD. They are here to help.