One thing to consider when talking about cremation services in North Battleford, SK., is if your loved one’s ashes will be scattered or placed in an urn. If choosing an urn, there are many decisions to make such as the style, material, type, and size. Adding elements to make the urn more personalized is a nice touch. One way to do this is with an engraved epitaph.

Key Takeaways:

  • Epitaphs are words written in memory and honor of a loved one, usually found on tombstones, urns, or other remembrance items.
  • Most epitaphs are either funny, serious, solemn, peaceful, or informative.
  • Examples of epitaphs include “Rest in Peace,” “In Loving Memory,” “Always in Our Hearts,” and various others.
  • You can also include information about the deceased, such as their relationship with you or what kind of person they were. 
  • Quotes and poems can be a beautiful way to memorialize someone.

What is an Epitaph?

If you are not familiar with epitaphs, it is simply a form or words written in memory and honor of a loved one. Usually found on tombstones, these words can also be engraved on urns or other forms of remembrance items such as plaques. They are generally short in length with most being just a single line or two. With that being said, there are no set rules and they can be as long as you wish.

Types of Epitaphs

The type of epitaph depends on what type of message and tone you would like to convey. Most are either funny, serious, solemn, peaceful, or informative.

These words can be written originally for your loved one or taken from a quote, poem, line in a book, or any other place you find. They can talk about the life of the deceased, be spiritual in nature, or anything else you wish.

Examples of Epitaphs

example of epitaph

Finding the right words can be a difficult task so here are some examples of epitaphs that you could use or draw inspiration from.

Simple and Classic:

Rest in Peace
Forever in Our Hearts
In Loving Memory
We Love You Always
Always In Our Hearts
In Cherished Memory
Forever Loved
Forever Missed

About the Deceased

Beloved Wife and Mother
Faithful and Loving Husband
She Loved and Was Loved
Loving Father, Husband, Son and Friend

Quotes and Poems

May you touch dragonflies and stars
Dance with fairies and talk to the moon

You are not forgotten, loved one
Nor will you ever be,
As long as life and memory last,
We will remember thee

We who loved you will watch for you in the night sky,
For surely you will race across the heavens faster than any star

Death is the golden key that opens the palace of Eternity.

Though absent you are very near
Still loved, still missed, and very dear

The song has ended, but the melody lingers on

Be still, my soul: when change and tears are past
All safe and blessèd we shall meet at last.

cremation services North Battleford SK 229x300In Conclusion

Engraving an epitaph on the deceased’s urn is a special way to add personality and honor your loved one. What you decide to use for the epitaph is up to you and what tone and message you would like to convey. As far as how long or short it needs to be is only limited by how much room there is to engrave on the urn.

When you are looking at urns for your cremation services North Battleford, SK. talk to the retailer about the engraving process and what can be done. The staff at Martens Warman Funeral Home, LTD. is more than happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.