When a loved one passes and you are talking with funeral homes in North Battleford, SK., one topic that will have to be addressed is how the funeral services will be paid for. If your loved one didn’t set money aside, or didn’t have life insurance, you may need to seek funeral donations to help cover the expenses. But how do you ask for them?

Asking for donations often times seems difficult as you want to do so tactfully and appropriately. To help you feel more comfortable with this process, we are going to discuss crowdfunding, where to request donations, and give examples of how to word the requests.

Crowdfunding Platform

A crowdfunding platform is simply as website that allows people to donate money for a cause. They are used for various reasons such as starting businesses, helping cover medical expenses, and in this case, funeral costs.

GoFundMe is the most recognized crowdfunding site but there are several to choose from. Some sites are specifically designed for funeral cost donations. Although most crowdfunding sites are the same with the similar functions, they can differ when it comes to releasing the funds. Some sites may charge more or less than others when withdrawing the funds.

Setting up the Account

No matter what platform you choose, most crowdfunding site are very easy to set up and get started. You will first create an account by entering your details such as your name, email address, etc. Then, most every site will have you choose a campaign goal amount. This is the total amount of money you wish to receive.

Depending on the site you choose, you may have the option to add photos, change background and font colors and personalize other design elements. If it is a crowdfunding site specially for funerals costs, there may be additional functions such a place to add funeral information and allow people to RSVP.

Sharing Your Site

Once you have everything set up and personalized, you need to share your site. The more people your site can reach, the better. Sharing the link on social media is by far the easiest and most effective way for people to see your site. Share the link on your social media channels and ask close friends and family to do the same.

What to Say

funeral homes North Battleford SK 300x199Asking for donations can be difficult. To help make it easier, are a few examples of appropriate ways to request donations.

In lieu of flowers, considering making a donation to help with funeral costs.

Please help (Family Name) raise money for (Name) funeral.

For friends and family who are able, we ask that donations be made to (Name) funeral fund

The important thing here is to not be afraid to ask. Most people understand the cost of a funeral and are more than willing to donate. Asking for donations on social media and well as in the obituary is entirely appropriate.

Remember, you don’t have to pay for services from funeral homes in North Battleford, SK. alone. Asking for donations is one way to help offset the costs and allow friends and family an opportunity to help. Martens Warman Funeral Home, LTD. is here to help you with any questions you may have. Call and talk with their compassionate staff about all your funeral costs questions.