When a loved one passes and you are talking to funeral homes in Martensville, SK, there are many decisions that need to be made. One of the biggest ones is choosing the right casket to bury your loved one in. With so many options, prices, and features, knowing which one the right one is can be a tough choice to make.

First, we will cover some of the types of caskets as well as features, then provide tips to ensure you choose the best possible one.

Types of Caskets

Metal– Metal caskets are normally more durable than wood.

Bronze and Copper– These are the most durable metals and tend not to rust. They are the generally the most expensive caskets.

Hardwood– Hardwood caskets are made from wood and range from higher priced materials like maple, oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, and pecan to mid-range and lower priced materials such as birch, pine and willow. Wood veneer is also available and the least expensive of the options.

Stainless and Carbon Steel-These caskets are less expensive and are different gauges of thickness

Features of Caskets

Casket Linings– Inside the casket you can choose to have a lining of velvet, crepe, sating, velour, or linen

Casket Lids– Caskets have two basic lids. The most common is the half couch. This is a two-piece lid that is made in equal lengths. The full couch lid is made from one-piece, and it extends the length of the casket

Other Options– Other casket features you can choose from include rounded corners, square corners, and contoured sides. Hidden “memory” drawers can be added as well as customized deign lid inserts

Tips to Buying a Casket

With so many types and features of caskets, you can see why it can be overwhelming and a bit confusing on the best choice you should make. Follow the tips below to make this process a little easier.

Set a Budget– This should be the very first thing you do. You will be going through a very difficult and emotional time. Set a budget and make sure to only look at the options that are within that budget. This will ensure you make a good decision that wasn’t led by pure emotion and that you will feel good about later.

Bring a Shopping Partner– Bring someone along to help you. This will allow you to have another person’s opinion and keep you in line with your budget. You will also have a trusted person to discuss the pros and cons of the different choices with.

Take Your Time– Everything can seem so overwhelming, and you may be tempted to decide on a casket just to get it done. Slow down. It’s okay to step away, take a break and really think about the choices. You want to make the best decision and you can do so easier with a clear head.

Ask Questions– Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask questions. If there is something that is unclear or if you are wanting more information, ask. Making sure you have enough knowledge will give you the confidence to back your decision.

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