For thousands of years, people have been buried with personal items or items that were believed to help them in the afterlife. This is probably made most well-known by the Egyptians and their tombs that were filled with eating and drinking vessels, weapons, personal items and more. Today many people still wish to be buried or cremated alongside meaningful items. If you would like to add items in your loved one’s cremation services in Martensville, SK., there are few things you should know about what you can and cannot include.

What’s Not Allowed

First, let’s talk about what is not allowed. These things are not permitted due to the way they interact with heat and may be unpredictable or dangerous. Also, items that may be harmful to the environment when burned are not allowed. Some of these items include:

  • Pacemakers
  • Bottles of alcohol
  • Lighters
  • Glass items
  • Materials like rubber, latex, leather, and vinyl
  • Glass or plastic jars or containers
  • Anything with a battery in it

If you have any questions about a specific object you would like to place with your loved one, talk with the director and they can let you know if it is allowed or not.

What You Can Include

While there are many items that are not allowed, there are still plenty of options if you would like to include something personal. Some ideas are:

  • Soft toys such as stuffed animals
  • Letters – These could be old letters you had saved, or you could write a new letter to your loved one
  • Wooden items such as rosary beads
  • Pieces of special clothing
  • Special photographs
  • Flowers
  • Books
  • Some jewelry may be permitted

What About Clothing?

Other than personal items to include, you may wish to make sure your loved one is dressed in a specific outfit. This can be especially true if holding a viewing before the cremation. The clothes are allowed and will be cremated with the body. If no specific outfit is chosen, then the body will be cremated in a sheet or the clothes they were wearing at the time of their passing.

Things to Consider

cremation services Martensville SK 199x300With some cremations, such as direct cremation, there may not be a time to include items or have the body dressed in a specific outfit. These types of cremations are set up to be simple and quick which makes their timeline and process much tighter. Make sure to discuss your wishes with the director to ensure you select the proper type of cremation.

Another consideration is to make sure you are following any religious beliefs your loved one held. Did they belong to a religion that has specific rules on what should be worn when cremated? Are there are any items that should not be included? Any items that should? If you are unsure about any of their beliefs, find a religious leader to talk to and answer your questions.

If you are wanting to add any items to your loved one’s cremation services in Martensville, SK. make sure you talk with the director specifically. They can help you decide what items you can include, which one’s you can’t, and ensure you have the time that you need to do so.