Preplanning your funeral arrangements is the ultimate act of love you can give to your family. Although it may be uncomfortable or something you would rather not think about, when you pass away your family will have a lot to deal with. Making sure everything is taken care of before that time comes can greatly reduce the stress and burden your family will feel. We are going to explain preplanning a little more so when you talk with a funeral home in Saskatoon about your arrangements you can do so with confidence.

What Does Preplanning Consist Of?

You can preplan as much or as little as you wish. Obviously, the more you preplan, the easier it will be for your family at the time that the services are needed. One of the main areas you will need to preplan is the actual ceremony. Things to consider here are your wishes when it comes to things like:

  • Music selection
  • Who will be named as pallbearers
  • Any prayers, bible verses, poems, or lyrics you would like read
  • If there any specific clothing or jewelry, you would like to be buried in
  • Information about the burial or the property such as a cremation garden, columbariums, etc.
  • What religious leader or other person you would like to act as the officiant
  • Any other special information regarding the service

Besides the actual funeral service, you can also preplan and make your wishes known for the burial as well as for any services beforehand, such as a viewing.

When you meet with a funeral director, they can help guide you to make sure you are covering all of the bases and nothing gets overlooked.

Benefits of Preplanning

Other than giving your family piece of mind, there are several more benefits that preplanning your arrangements provide. A couple of the most impactful ones are:

  • Peace of mind – Yes, preplanning will give your family peace of mind, but it does the same for you as well. Knowing your family will be okay and that your last wishes will be handled in the way you want can relieve a lot of stress when it gets close this time.
  • Save money – If you can prepay for your arrangements, you may be able to save thousands of dollars. That is because while inflation will raise prices on everything year after year, you have locked in the prices of today, which are undoubtedly less expensive than the future prices.

Don’t Make These Mistakes

funeral homes Martensville SK 300x187Make sure when you are preplanning to consider your family’s needs as well as your own. Yes, it is your funeral and services, but keep in mind what might help your family as they are mourning your loss. For example, perhaps a viewing isn’t important to you, but your family would really appreciate and benefit from having this service.

Also, after you have made all of your arrangements, make sure to share them with your family. Plan a family meeting and let them know what you have planned, what has been paid for, and who these services have been arranged with. Afterall, if your family doesn’t know you have preplanned services with funeral homes in Martensville, SK., it doesn’t really do them, or you, any good.