When a loved one dies, there are a million things going through your mind. Other than the feelings of sadness and loss, you also have to think of all the tasks that need to get done. From making sure their bank accounts are taken care of to planning their cremation services in North Battleford, SK. you can begin to feel overwhelmed quickly.

While it’s never an easy process to go through, if you have a list and take care of each thing one at a time, it can help you feel a little more organized and in control. We have created a list that covers some of the main things that will need to be handled.

What to Do Immediately

Immediately after the person dies there are several things that need to be done. These things include:

  • Get a legal pronouncement of death – If your loved one was in a nursing home, then they will typically handle this. If your loved one died at home, you will need to have a medical expert announce them as dead. To do this, call 911 and your loved one will be transported to the emergency room where the doctors will make the declaration.
  • Tell friends and family – When you are ready, you can send out a group email or text letting people know what has happened. If you’d rather, you can just tell one or two family members and have them pass on the word.

Things to Do a Few Days Within the Death

Now that have you the death notice and everyone had been informed, it’s time to move on to other tasks that include:

  • Plan the arrangements– Talk with a funeral home and plan the cremation services or burial as well as any memorial services
  • Secure the property – If your loved one was living in their own home, secure that home by making sure all the doors and windows are locked and anything valuable is put away. It’s also a good idea to throw away any food in the refrigerator and pick up any mail. If they had any pets, make sure they are taken care of by taking them with you, another friend, or placed in a safe boarding kennel.
  • Forward their mail– To make sure mail isn’t piling up at their house, have their mail forwarded to your address. This way you can see any bills, accounts, and subscriptions they might have had that will need to be taken care of.

A Few Weeks After the Death

cremation services North Battleford SK 300x199A few weeks following the death is the time to start getting your loved one’s accounts in order. These accounts will include things like credit cards, car loans, bank accounts, and any other accounts with financial institutions. You have most likely been getting their mail so you will have an idea of some of these accounts.

Other accounts to address are closing their email and social media accounts, canceling their driver’s license, and contacting social security if applicable.

In Conclusion

While there is a lot to think about when planning cremation services in North Battleford, SK., there is also a lot to think about afterward. While it may feel overwhelming, just remember it doesn’t have to be all taken care of at once. If you can, enlist other family members to help, take it task by task, and before you know it, everything will be taken care of.