When the time comes to find a death care services provider to plan final services for a loved one, you’ll want to take the time to do your homework. Yes, even in the midst of unspeakable grief, you need to do some research so that you find the right funeral home serving Warman, SK families. The reason for this is, of course, that you want to work with a reputable company.

Here’s a look at 3 signs that you’ve found the wrong funeral home. Knowing what constitutes poor business practices or customer service will help steer you away from the bad and towards the good.

1. Overly Pushy Approach

While you should expect a funeral director to take their time to explain all your options, you definitely don’t want a scenario where you’re being pressured to go one way or another. You want to be informed so that you can make an intelligent buying decision. So if the funeral director or for some other funeral home staff members use high-pressure sales tactics, that’s a serious red flag. You should take your business elsewhere and find a funeral home that, firstly, gives you the information you need and that, secondly, lets you decide for yourself.

2. Unclear or Misleading Pricing

Funeral homes are supposed to offer a general price list to their customers or prospective customers. This price list should lay out the products and services offered as well as the costs for the products and services. This is intended to empower you as a consumer to make informed choices. But if you deal with a funeral home that lacks pricing transparency, you should view this is a red flag and find a more reputable service provider to patronize.

3. Unprofessional Staff

It’s true that you only get one chance to make a good impression. When you call or visit funeral homes, how are you treated? Are the staff there professional, courteous, and compassionate? Do they take the time to listen to your questions and then give you detailed and relevant responses? You don’t want to have to work with unprofessional workers, so consider the quality of the staff before you make a decision on which death care services provider to choose. Another way you can learn more about staff at different funeral homes is to look at reviews and to ask people you know who have patronized different funeral homes in and around the area.

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You’ll definitely want to avoid the sort of funeral homes that are overly pushy, that have misleading or non-transparent pricing, and that have unprofessional staff. Martens Warman Funeral Home, LTD. is a Warman, SK funeral home you can trust. So get in touch when you need a professional and compassionate death care services provider that will help you through the entire process. Our funeral director will be pleased to help you plan a funeral, cremation, or celebration of life service. You can call us to speak to someone or stop by our office to speak to someone in person. We’re here to help you in any way we can, so let us know how we can help.