If you have been invited to a funeral home in Saskatoon for a service, and never attended one before, you may be a little nervous on the proper etiquette. You might have questions like what you should say, what is appropriate to wear, or when to arrive. Don’t worry. While this can be a little intimidating, we are going to break it down so that you feel confident when you attend the service.

What do I say to the family?

This is probably the most frequently asked question. Finding the right words in this situation can be tough. We tend to talk more and overcomplicate things when we are nervous or not sure what to say. Our advice is to keep it simple. A sincere, “My thoughts are with your family” is always a nice sentiment.

What do I wear?

It’s important to know that darker colors tend to be the go-to colors for a funeral. While black tends to be the standard with traditional funerals, other darker colors could include eggplant, dark blues, and greys. As far as the fashion, keep it simple and classy, A nice suit for men, and a nice dress or pantsuit for women. An exception to this is if you are attending a life celebration where bright colored clothes are tend to be worn.

What about cell phones?

Obviously, you want to make sure your cell phone in on silent. The last thing you want is it going off in the middle of the service. Even better if you can leave it in your car. Other than it being on silent, keep it tucked away and out of sight. While we are used to playing on our phones while we are in waiting rooms, or other events, playing on your phone (even before the services have started) is not very respectful and should be avoided.

When should I get to the location?

It’s always good to be early. A good rule of thumb is to arrive 15-20 minutes before the services start. This way you can have plenty of time to mingle and say hello to other guests and find a seat. If you do happen to arrive late for whatever reason, simply slip in quietly and find a seat as close to the back of the room as possible as to not cause a disturbance.

What if I need to bring my children?

If you must bring small children, bringing something quiet to keep them occupied is a good idea. A book to read or an activity book are good ideas. You don’t want to bring any sort of tablet or game device that could interrupt the service. Also, if they get tired or unruly and start to create a scene, take them out of the room as soon as you can as to not disturb the services.

funeral home Martensville SK 300x199Final Thoughts

While these may not be all of your questions, we hope this helps you feel a bit more confident when attending a service at a funeral home in Saskatoon SK. Just remember to be respectful and that you are there to show support for the family. If you have more questions from cremation to funeral reception, the friendly staff at Martens Warman Funeral Home, LTD. is happy to answer them for you. Call and talk to their caring staff today.