When you have a loved one who has passed, deciding on a service to honor them after their cremation in a funeral home in  Saskatoon. will be something you need to think about. The type of service you decide can depend largely on how they were in life. For example, if your loved one was more traditional, then a more solemn, traditional service would be appropriate. However, if your loved one was bubblier and happier, a celebration of life service would be a great option.

If you are not familiar with a celebration of life service or how it differs from a more traditional service, don’t worry, we are going to break it down so you can see if this is a good option for you.

What is a Celebration of Life Service?

Celebration of Life tributes are events where family and friends come together to celebrate the unique life of the deceased. They differ than a funeral service in that they are not rooted so much in tradition. For example, a funeral service is more spiritual and focused more on the transition of life to the afterlife. With a celebration of life service, the life of the deceased is the main focus.

When are Celebration of Life Services Held?

If you are wanting more time to plan a tribute, then a celebration of life is a good option. This is because they are held after the remains have been buried or cremated. With the body disposed, you have more time to think and plan the tribute. This is nice when you want to truly take your time and plan the perfect event. It also gives you more options if you want to rent a hall or room for the event.

Where Is the Celebration Held?

Since these celebrations are less concerned with tradition and more concerned with the deceased’s life, they can be held anywhere. If you loved one had a favorite restaurant, you could rent a room and have it there. Maybe they loved sports and there is a room or hall in a sports center. If they loved nature you could have it at a local park. You can also celebrate in a cremation garden if you plan to do a life celebration after a cremation. With more time to plan, and no set rules, the location is truly open to just about anywhere.

Is There a Format to Follow?

With some celebration of life tributes, you may find a format similar to other services. For example, there may be an introduction, poem or scripture reading, eulogies given, etc. Yet at other celebration of life services there may not be a format whatsoever. Since these tributes break away from tradition and typical “rules”, they can be held however you wish but it is still best to jeeo in mind some of the funeral etiquettes.

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Final Thoughts

Celebration of life tributes can be a great option if the deceased was less traditional. These events are more upbeat and happier than other services. Since they are less traditional and don’t have set rules to follow, you have the options to make it a truly unique event. Because of these reasons, this may be the perfect choice for your loved one after their cremation services in Saskaoon SK.