It should come as no surprise that where there’s a funeral service, there are flowers…lots of them. Whether you’ve planned a funeral before or you’ve gone to one at a funeral home in North Battleford, SK, you’ve likely noticed there were many floral arrangements and bouquets. But have you ever stopped to consider what the various types of flowers symbolize? Take a look.


Carnations are usually used not only in funeral wreaths, but also in standing sprays. As is the case with other flower varieties, carnations have specific meanings that correspond to the various shades that this type of flower comes in. For example, white carnations symbolize innocence and purity, and red carnations symbolize affection and love. So the next time you go to a funeral service and see carnations, you’ll have an idea as to the message they convey.


It’s very common to see floral arrangements consisting of roses on display at funeral services. Red roses are the most common, but roses come in many different colours. And these colours have their own meanings. White roses symbolize purity and innocence, while red roses symbolize grief and love. As well, yellow roses symbolize the sort of bond that exists between good friends. There are roses of other colours too. You can ask a funeral director to explain the symbolism behind roses of other colours. That will help you choose the right ones.


Chrysanthemums have different meanings depending on where you go in the world. In Europe and America, for example, the flowers mostly symbolize honor and sympathy. Chrysanthemums that are red signify love, and chrysanthemums that are white symbolize innocence.

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Among the most common type of funeral service flower is the lily. They come in different hues. White lilies stand for virtue and purity, yellow lilies stand for gratitude, pink lilies symbolize prosperity, orange lilies stand for wealth and pride, and red lilies stand for passion. So if you’re planning a funeral service and want to get some lilies, you’ll want to consider what colours to get. Again, a funeral director can help you make the right selection for you and your family.

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