When a parent passes on, you will undoubtedly experience feelings of grief and loss. You might also feel other emotions such as anger, numbness, confusion, hopelessness or even fear. All of these feelings are normal and valid. No matter what you are feeling, understanding how to deal with it in a healthy way can help navigate this journey a little easier. After you talk to funeral homes in Osler, SK., about services for your parent, make sure to use these tips to help manage your grief.

Your Feelings are Valid

First, and most importantly, know that whatever feelings you are experiencing, they are valid. You may not be feeling what everyone else is and that’s okay. Everyone handles loss differently. Some may feel instant sadness while others may feel numb for a bit. Recognize how you feel and know those feelings are normal and okay.

Don’t Forget About You

When a parent passes, it is difficult to think of anything but the loss that you feel. The attachment and bond we have with our parents is like no other relationship so of course, this loss may feel devastating. You may be feeling like shutting out the world and lack motivation for things like eating or doing household chores. Although this can be understandable, it is certainly not healthy and is not going to help you in the long run.

During this tough time, it is crucial you take care of yourself. Make sure you are getting enough rest, eating healthy meals, and taking care of what needs to be done. Keep active and try to get fresh air as often as you can. Go for a walk or a long hike Taking care of yourself isn’t selfish or mean that you are not mourning. It just means you are mourning in a healthy way.

Do Something in Their Memory

Did your parent have a charity or a cause they stood for? If they did, call the organization and see how you can help out. You could donate money or volunteer your time in honor of your parent.

If they didn’t have a specific charity or cause, there are several other things you can do in their honor. Plant a tree in your front yard, hold a butterfly release event, plan a fun night where family gathers to watch all of your parent’s favorite movies. Doing something in their honor like this is a great way to celebrate their life and help you with the grieving process.

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Final Thoughts

Saying goodbye to a parent at a funeral home in Osler, SK is probably one of the most difficult things you will ever have to do. You may feel emotions that range from feelings of anger to feeling numb. Know your feelings are valid and let yourself experience them. Doing things like taking care of yourself and doing something in your parent’s honor will help in the process of grieving. And of course, always reach out to friends, family, or professionals if you need more support.