Although individuals and families may choose cremation services in North Battleford, SK. for a variety of reasons, one of the most popular is that people want their cremains to be released back to the earth. This could be in a special park or beach, or even at a family home or other property. While this is a fairly common practice and allowed in most areas, there are some rules and regulations to be aware of. We are going to cover some of the most common places to release ashes as well as the rules when it comes to these places.

Scattering Ashes in the Ocean (Also Called a Sea Burial)

If your loved one wanted to have their remains blended with the ocean after their cremation, there are just a few things to be aware of. These things are:

  • Scattering ashes is allowed as long as it is at least three nautical miles from any land
  • If any flowers or wreaths are used and put into the water, they must be easy decomposable
  • This is the same if any urn or vessel is used for the remains; it must be 100% biodegradable and safe for the ocean
  • Within thirty days of the scattering, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) must be notified

If you are considering an ocean scattering ceremony, perform an online search as there are some companies that have ceremony packages you can purchase that include the boat rental, etc.

For the Avid Outdoor Lover

Was your loved one always outside hiking, camping, or just enjoying nature? If so, a national or state park may be the perfect place to cast their ashes. While most all national parks allow this ceremony, it’s important to note that national forests do not. Also, each national park may have its own specific rules for these ceremonies so always contact the actual park you will be going to and check their rules.

Overall, there are some rules that most all parks want you to abide by. These include:

  • Call ahead of time to receive the proper permit
  • Make sure to scatter the remains away from developed areas like roads, trails, and campgrounds
  • No marker or headstone of any kind may be left behind at the site
  • Sometimes there is a limit of people that can be in the group
  • Burying the ashes in prohibited

General Public Land Rules

In most states it can be permitted to spread ashes on public land that is “uninhabited”. However, this can be a bit misleading because many public lands that are inhabited may be forests or other protected areas where it is not okay or have very specific rules of how it should be done. Before casting the ashes, always contact the local law enforcement and make sure you are following all laws.

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Casting the Ashes

To cast ashes it is a good idea to transfer the ashes into a scattering tube prior to the casting event. You can also have special biodegradable urns for things such as sea burials. When casting the ashes into the air, hold the tube about waist high and allow the ashes to pour out.

If you would like more information on scattering tubes or general cremation services in North Battleford, SK., give us a call anytime as we are always here to help.