If you have been invited to one of the funeral homes in Martensville, SK., for a visitation, you may feel a little nervous if you haven’t attended one before. You may be wondering what the proper etiquette is or be curious as to what exactly to expect. Learning a little more about visitations can help you feel more at ease with attending and give you the opportunity to focus more on the deceased and supporting the family rather than feeling nervous about the event.

What is a Visitation?

A visitation is a time for friends to gather with the family of the deceased. These typically occur before the funeral and are often held at the funeral home or a church, or sometimes even a family member’s home.

During this time, the deceased may be present for viewing in an open casket. This gives you the opportunity to approach the body and say your goodbyes. If the body is present, and you do not feel comfortable, it is entirely appropriate to not approach the casket.

How Long Does a Visitation Last?

A visitation is a come-and-go event. This means it will be scheduled for a few hours (example 1pm-3pm) and during that time, everyone will arrive and leave at different times. It is up to you when you come and go and how long you stay.

What Happens When You First Arrive?

When you first arrive to the visitation, you may see a guest book. Sign your name in the guest book and then enter the room. Once you enter the room, you will see the visitors, the deceased’s family, and perhaps the open casket. If it is a large visitation, there may be a line for offering condolences to the deceased’s family. If it is a smaller event you will most likely find the family scattered among the visitors.

What Do I Do?

The purpose of the visitation is to visit with the family. If there is a line, find a place and wait your turn to offer your condolences. If the family is scattered about, then make your way over and find an opportunity to with them.

If the body is present, it is customary to approach the casket and say your goodbyes. However, many people are not comfortable with this and that is okay. If you would rather not be around the body, or approach the casket, people will understand and it will not be rude to avoid this step.

funeral homes Martensville SK 215x300What Do I Wear?

These events are not formal so no formal dress is needed. However, you do want to look nice and show respect for the event and the family of the deceased so a nice, tasteful outfit is recommended.

Final Thoughts

While attending a visitation can be intimidating, knowing what to expect-and what’s expected of you- can help in feeling more confident and at ease with the situation. While it is never easy attending services in any funeral homes in Martensville, SK., knowing the proper etiquette can go a long way with helping you feel more comfortable.