In this age of heightened environmental awareness, it’s becoming increasingly common for people to reuse the things they buy. So you don’t want to necessarily purchase something, use it once, and then put it away in some box or in some corner of the basement. When you plan cremation services in Martensville, SK, you will more likely than not buy an urn. If you wish to retain the ashes rather than scatter the ashes, then you will need to keep the urn. But a lot of people do scatter the ashes, which leaves them with cremation urns they no longer need.

Here’s a look at 3 ways you can reuse a cremation urn after the ashes have been scattered.

1. Flower Vase

After you’ve used the urn and washed it out, you can add soil and seeds. Choose a variety of flower that your deceased loved one had appreciated. Once you’ve done this, place the urn in an area where it will get enough sunlight. And be sure to water it sufficiently. A cremation urn is very similar to a plant urn. One noticeable difference is that the latter tends to be larger than the former. Another difference is that a cremation urn is designed so that it can be sealed shut. But despite these differences, a cremation urn with flowers in it won’t stand out for the wrong reasons. In fact, it will add a dash of color to your home, and it will honor the deceased.

2. Decorative Piece of Art

If you invest in a really nice urn, you may wish to give it a new lease on life by repurposing it as a decorative piece of art. When you head to the funeral home to look at the urns, you’ll notice that it’s possible to get some beautiful urns that look like works of art. After you scatter the ashes, you can clean the urn thoroughly and then place it somewhere in the house.

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3. Organizer

Do you have a home office? If so, you might wish to use the urn as an organizer for your pens, pencils, rulers, and other items you regularly use. And you don’t have to use it only for your home office. It can be used as an organizer in other areas of your home. Of course, if the urn is a really large one, it might gobble up too much space on your work desk. But it might fit in well on a bookcase shelf in the den or on top of the night table in your bedroom.

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